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    Video Editing Software

    I apologize if I missed this somewhere, but I didn't see any mention of one in the free apps sticky. Nor did searching produce anything useful.

    I've been tasked with editing my sister's wedding video. It was originally on three mini-DVDs (the 1.4 GB ones) but the family is wanting it to be on one single DVD. So what I'm looking for is a program to import the video, place it in order, add chapters for various moments during the wedding (vows, toasts, etc.) and of course add a menu so that the chapters can be selected. And then I'll need to be able to burn it to DVD so that copies can be made for the family.

    Obviously I'm not looking to buy anything since I won't be needing it again after this. Help me Obi-wan KenoBG, you're my only hope! (Looking for suggestions before I just start googling and downloading).

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    You can download a free, fully-functioning trial of Vegas.


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    you can also download a fully functioning 30 day trial of adobe premiere elements 8 (I recommend this version over pro if you're a beginner)

    Just need to sign up for an account and you can download it over and over if you want to.

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