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    Favorite Card games


    Have been playing this at lunch (replaced UNO). It's wild west themed, you get a role(Sheriff, outlaw, renegade or deputy) and a character (each has a special ability). Each role has a specific job (deputy keeps sheriff alive, renegade wants to kill sheriff last, outlaws want to kill sheriff, sheriff wants to kill everyone but deputy).

    Each character has a certain amount of health (sheriff get +1 health) and a special ability (use bangs as misses and vice versa, take a hit draw a card and so on).

    So after you deal cards (Sheriff flips his card, everyone knows the sheriff) (you get as many cards as health you have). Sheriff goes first and can play any cards he wants, like a Mustang (+1 distance from everyone), which is always active or play a Winchester (+5 range). You can only play one horse and gun at a time.

    Basically go around and kill people, if you kill a outlaw you get three cards. The best card to play is dynamite. If you draw a space 2-9 it explodes in your hand and you lose 3 health (pass it around and when it's your turn pick up).

    Usually takes 25 minutes to play a really good game with 6 people.

    We have yet to play the expansions but it adds more strategy to the game.

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    its a crappy game

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