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    [Leviathan] Nemesisx

    Hume, all jobs 75.

    This wasn't the biggest issue in the world, it's actually kinda funny, but it deserves a thread.

    I was planning on dualboxing some SSR today for Hammerblow/Dekka. I got a couple people to zone me in and shouted for 2 more. One of these additional people was Nemesisx. I paid helpers 10k each (ballin').

    We come to zoning in and he used his Instant Warp too late, so he ended up inside. He drops PT, runs straight to the eastern door, and opens it (no Hammerblow tonight QQ). He then leaves. Ignored a "Why?" tell and went back to LFG in Whitegate.

    I'm not sure whether this was on purpose or not, but it's pretty stupid either way. I don't see what a stranger gets out of it (wasted 1500 AP? yay), but yeah. Can't see him jumping server over something this frivolous, so it's more of a warning to Leviathan players.

    [ps no drop dekka, sad]

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    his name lolol.

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    This is serious

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_OG_Nelta View Post
    his name lolol.
    Should have known what to expect from the start!

    Quote Originally Posted by NervosaEternal View Post
    This is serious

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    LoL I was new to the whole Salvage thing i really didn't understand what i was doing i felt embarrassed when i messed your run up bro that's why i warped out Noob mistake is all it was.

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    Thank GOD you came back two years later to necrobump this thread and clear your name. We were all (and I use 'we' to encompass not only, but truly, the entire internet), waiting with baited breath for your rejoinder, that we might finally, finally, put this unresolved issue to rest.

    We salute you.

    p.s. seriously