AsAbove SoBelow is an endgame, non HNM shell. Looking to add a few members from abroad as most of the available members left on this server are too bad of players or jumping shells every month from new linkshells.

Weekly Schedule to Include:

Monday: Farming [Sky, Sea, SCNM]
Tuesday: Off Day [Merit PT, EXP Burn, Nyzul]
Wednesday: Dynamis & Limbus
Thursday: Random Event[Sky, Sea, SCNM]
Friday: Farming / Random Event[Sky, Sea, SCNM]
Saturday: Dynamis & Limbus
Sunday: Off Day [Merit PT, EXP Burn, Nyzul]

Events include regular runs in Sky, Sea, Dynamis, Limbus, we also kill ZNM & SCNM as a LS. We will be adding Salvage sets and sometimes some HNM but only DI, SW, KV.

Right now we could do more with about 7-8 people. Not any specific job but those with a job selection making them flexible to come to events so people can switch it up from time to time and keep things interesting.

We would prefer that applicants have a minimum of 2 level 75 jobs with all support jobs possibly needed leveled. It is also preferred that you have merited your jobs to be more effective.

If you are interested please visit gangls dot net slash aasb check out our new forums and fill out a linkshell application!