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    Transfering old stuff on my pc to my new laptop

    Anyone know the best method to transfer my shit from my old computer to my new laptop. I thought about burning DVDs with the info I want or using a usb stick, but i was wondering what you guys would recommend. Thanks in advance!

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    Old PC > External HDD > New PC.

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    Old PC > network > new PC

    Best using a cat5 cable than over wifi if you can manage it.

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    pretty much.. or if you wanna be cheap. a Flash Drive/USB Key

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    Depends on how much stuff you have. Maybe doing a mix of transferring over a wired network and burning dvds. I burned my POL folder over some dvds and it cuts back on the amount of files needed to update when I reinstall. Having a hard copy of some important files is good too.

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    Open Computer, Take HD out, stick it in $15 enclosure, plug into laptop, transfer NTFS ownership to laptop account. Done.

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    Using a network instead of physically removing the HDD was already recommended. On that note, you can connect the two computers directly if you don't want to mess with network settings. If you wish to follow this route, here's the instructions and cable you'll need:



    If you use this method, you won't have to remove anything.

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    OP requested best way to transfer data.

    Via network is not. XP/Vista/7 does not even enable APIPA by default. Good luck using the crossover without configuration.

    If the link suffers from a stop, NTK will drop the transfer where it left off leaving you to browse through the files and folders one by one to sift through what was sent and what was not.

    Not to mention even at 100Mbps, a file transfer will take ages since network cards don't even transfer that fast with the best cable in the world.

    Network - Unreliable, slow, additional configuration required.
    External Enclosure containing old HD - Reliable, fast, no additional configuration except transferring ownership of a single folder.

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