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    if i plan on going mrd/war for end-game tanking stuff, what cross-class skills should be my priority?

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    WAR is... MNKPGL and GLD skills, if I recall?

    I'll probably be using Provoke, Second Wind, Convalescence, Flash, and Internal Release.
    Other options include Mantra (now that it's not stupid), Haymaker, and Featherfoot; correct me if I'm missing something.

    Church will follow up by saying that setting Flash is stupid, so to avoid a rehash of posts 190+ in this thread I'm not going to argue about it. He makes valid points, but I like the added safety of having it around, after all, I'll probably be using the duty finder a lot. As far as MRD skills go, I'll just link you to the previous discussion.

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    I think WAR still has gladiator and pugilist, at least as far as we know. If so, then probably Featherfoot, Second Wind, Provoke Mantra and/or Convalescence... maybe Flash depending on the fight, but Overpower should work in its place most of the time. Maybe Internal Release to stack with bloodbath and such to get more HP back on crits.

    I guess it's kind of hard to say atm without knowing the fights, but since you are a tank you'll obviously want to take abilities that make you live longer

    With all that said you'd wanna get Glad to 34 and Pugilist to 42 in order to have access to all your cross class skills

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    They also changed some of Monks skills, so from what little I saw since I don't really pay attention until I test it myself Mantra looked like a good option now. Still not sure if Conv. is fixed to work with abilities or if that was poor wording (realm of possibility).

    I like Haymaker, Featherfoot, Mantra, Second Wind, Provoke, Internal Release. If I had to drop any of those it would probably be Provoke but that is super sans any info on fights with hate resets or other mechanics. If I had to keep Provoke I would probably drop Second Wind from that set but that's really just fine tuning each dungeon.

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