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    Zero Hour - NA/EU Social Company/Linkshell


    Zero Hour is an english speaking hybrid NA/EU social company with the goal of having many members from around different time zones so that no matter what time of day you play, there will always be someone around to chat and do events with. We already have several regular member's within our growing forums, with an almost 50/50 NA/EU split in our leadership and community, and we're looking for more level headed Eorzeans to join our established community in anticipation for zero hour.

    If this piques your interest at all, read on below for more details, or visit us at: zerohour.mmoguildsites.com

    Zero Hour is primarily a social Final Fantasy XIV company, but we will also be scheduling in regular events led by myself, or other officers and members within the community. Our overall goal is to provide a friendly and knowledgeable gathering place where friendships can grow, while at the same time supporting one another in completing the various tasks within the game to work toward our individual goals.

    Since we started recruiting only a few months ago, we've been lucky enough to have players of both the NA and EU regions join our ranks, and we've since then established the goal of becoming a hybrid NA/EU company, with players and events in spanning both regions. That being said we are currently looking for two more officers from the EU region to join our ranks, rounding us out to 3 NA and 3 EU, please PM me after joining if you're interested.

    Lastly, I just want to take a moment to highlight the specific type of player that we're hoping to attract. As I mentioned above we are primarily a social company, but we would like members to keep our event based nature in mind when joining as well, and attend whenever possible to help out fellow community members.

    Other than that, requirements are very simple:

    Be Friendly - Greet players as they log in, offer information or assistance to members in need, spark up some conversation, or tell a joke or two, there are many ways to make our community a fun and friendly place.

    Be Drama-free - We have a "no drama" policy in ZH. We will not tolerate fighting or arguing within the community. A debate is one thing, but we will not allow members to air their personal arguments in front of everyone else. If you need to fight, take it to tells.

    Be Respectful - In social communities you will always have players of different types, from those who play once or twice a week, to others who play nearly every day and perhaps even participate in end game content regularly. Regardless of where you fall, we expect that everyone remains respectful to their fellow members and if ever offering advice on play-style or gear, that it's done in a friendly and constructive way.
    If this sounds like a company that you would like to be a part of, join us!
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    Sounds good to me! I will probably send something in today. Most of the people i played FFXI with won't be able to join me for awhile, so I've been kinda looking for a similar linkshell to the one I had there, and this sounds like it fits the bill!
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