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  1. Abridged Patch Notes 3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes DoDo

    We are pleased to announce that the patch notes for Patch 3.1 — As Goes Light, So Goes Dodo!
    Dare you to find the actual differences between the preliminary and these ones.

    Patch 3.1 Notes

    [3.0] New main scenario quests have been added. They involve a lalamiqote with a hoodie youll eventually get as a glamour because youll demand it and giving ...
  2. A Good Cause with Tekki and the Chicago Marathon!

    Im posting this on behalf of Tekki and his great cause! If you have a good cause or an awesome project you are working on that youd like to get out there, just send me a PM and we can help you get the exposure you deserve!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tekki View Post
    Hey guys!

    Last year I had the opportunity to run the Chicago Marathon. I went from couch to marathon last year, inspired by my wife's family of runners.

    This year I am doing the same, and more! I will be running the Chicago marathon
  3. An Open Letter to the Final Fantasy XIV Community on the start of the launch of Heavensward

    This is an open letter to the community of Final Fantasy XIV, the game that a large portion of us know and love.

    Hey everybody, its Sonomaa, you know me, Im the admin of the BG forums, Im on twitter, I make funny posts and stuff and Im here to talk to you about the new expansion and something thats going to happen.
    Id like you to listen really closely on this, Im going to try to be as nice as possible and use my kindest words.

    When Heavensward launches were going ...
  4. Order of the Blue Gartr: Gilgamesh Free Company Coil Adventures with Galkas Are Food! (12/16/13)


    Galkas Are Food is back with another update! A lot has gone on between now and the last update. Names are the same, races have changed, and dragons have been slain!

    This update will focus on Turn 5, Twintania. First off, the kill video complete with 1999 Windows Movie Maker:

    Here is another kill video from a different kill and DRG perspective:

  5. Order of the Blue Gartr: Gilgamesh Free Company Coil Adventures with Galkas Are Food! (10/15/13)

    So the BG Free Company has been busy. We have 3 total coil groups in the FC, 2 of which have started, one of which is very lazy and really really really likes crafting. All is going well and were having a blast! Below is a writeup for our first coil group, the ever lovable and sometimes annoying Galkas Are Food!

    Below writeup by Weltall from BG Forums, I know, its not very good, but he will get better!

    http://i.imgur.com/GedtDX0.png ...
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