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  1. Order of the Blue Gartr: Gilgamesh Free Company Coil Adventures with Galkas Are Food! (10/15/13)

    So the BG Free Company has been busy. We have 3 total coil groups in the FC, 2 of which have started, one of which is very lazy and really really really likes crafting. All is going well and were having a blast! Below is a writeup for our first coil group, the ever lovable and sometimes annoying Galkas Are Food!

    Below writeup by Weltall from BG Forums, I know, its not very good, but he will get better!

    http://i.imgur.com/GedtDX0.png ...
  2. Why Valve is awesome: A story about being lucky by Ddz

    Why Valve is awesome: A story about being lucky.

    By Ddz

    I’m not exactly sure where to start this incredible story about being lucky as shit, but here goes, from the top:

    Last year, on the day before Thanksgiving, my software development/IT staffing company let us off work early. We had no travel plans for the holiday, so a few coworkers and I decided to go to our favorite dive bar, where we pretty much regular every Friday night. We were sitting ...
  3. The Order: Offical BG TERA Guild on Jagged Coast is LIVE

    The Order had a triumphant finish to its head start weekend for TERA, culminating in a coordinated attack in a Guild vs Guild war on Crimson Knights. Last night we posed in a triumphant screenshot on the beach and took a picture!


    More adventure to come as the game lets ...

    Updated 2012-05-01 at 11:53 by Sonomaa

  4. TERA this weekend Part 2

    Listen, EME, we get it, closed beta test. Its cool, we understand how much work you have to do to get the game ready for launch. We know the PVP system is only partially implemented. We actually really enjoyed stomping the shit out of the two guilds who declared war on us, we didnt enjoy when the server reset and the stats were reset, only to have us lose the wars via them getting one kill. But hey its beta. A few of us got unjustly ganked by capped level players who didnt have anything else ...
  5. What happened to my weekend of February 10th

    What happened indeed.

    At a little before 3pm EST on Friday the 10th, Chrian messaged me on Steam. I looked at his message, wondering why he was sending me one, usually he waits, with perfect timing, for me to start watching a movie or tv show, to fire up a game either on steam or on another service, then sends me several cryptic messages, usually involving minecraft, ragns being ragns, or some equally strange topic, but it never fails, its always during something. He told me, with ...
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