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  1. BG Stats for October 2012

    Welcome to another monthly report of BG in stats. This time I’ll try to focus on unusual trends going on in the community. This means no random images and no Gangnam style. Consider this the best of the worst.

    Guardian Cross
    Frankly, I’m not quite sure why this topic is so popular here but I guess our Square Enix fanboys need to keep themselves busy until the release of Seekers of Adoulin and/or A Realm Reborn. The game received bad reviews everywhere and the lack of any ...
  2. BG Stats for September 2012

  3. BG Stats for August 2012

    Since people always pester me for more stats here are the ones for August but this doesn't mean I'll update monthly.

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    6. FFXIV - Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom/A Realm Reborn presentations
    7. FFXI - Dorp XXV
    8. FFXI - Random Fail XIII
    9. FFXIV - Stats and how they work.
    10. FFXI - Legion - info and strategies
    11. FFXI
  4. Naoki Yoshida Interview

    Subscription Fees

    Sonomaa (BG): Why are you deciding to charge now, when the game is only 50% to where you wanted it to be at launch? It seems awkward that we're going to be paying a subscription fee for a product that is only half complete and going to be completely new at a year's time.

    Square-Enix: To clear a little up - the payment ...

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