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  1. BG Stats for January 2013

    For the first time in quite a while the sections of a dead game are generating the most traffic on BG. Of course the Random Image Thread always stay at the top... and boobs. Beside that there’s a small revival on the TERA topics probably due to the F2P announcement while FFXIV gets barely anything being a slow news month.

    1-28-13 Version Update Discussion
    Completed Relic Mythic weapons list
    Salvage II Slavage Harder
    Dorp XXV wtf bynes
  2. BG Stats for the year 2012

    2012 was mostly filled with deceptions. FFXI didn’t bring enough to stop the decline of the current game. Everyone is waiting for news about FFXIV. Mists of Pandaria can be summed up as bland. Other alternatives like Tera and Guild Wars 2 died quickly. At least for 2013 we have Seekers of Adoulin and FFXIV-2 to look forward to.

    Random Image Threads
    It’s a secret to no one that as BGers get bored with FFXI/FFXIV/WoW/Tera we’re slowly becoming yet another imgur/9gag clone. ...

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  3. BG Stats for November 2012

    It’s now time for a review of the events that happened on BG in November.

    First thing first it should be obvious that the new FFXIV trailer is on top of everything. If you didn’t watch it yet I don’t know what is wrong with you.


    Beside that I guess I don’t have to repeat myself saying that the Random Image Thread is next in the list. And for the rest:
    3. Anime - Sword Art Online
    4. FFXI - Dorp XXV: wtf bynes. ...

    Updated 2012-12-01 at 13:13 by Ragns

  4. BG Stats for October 2012

    Welcome to another monthly report of BG in stats. This time I’ll try to focus on unusual trends going on in the community. This means no random images and no Gangnam style. Consider this the best of the worst.

    Guardian Cross
    Frankly, I’m not quite sure why this topic is so popular here but I guess our Square Enix fanboys need to keep themselves busy until the release of Seekers of Adoulin and/or A Realm Reborn. The game received bad reviews everywhere and the lack of any ...
  5. BG Stats for September 2012

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