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 <<  tricen ffxi 3mdt 4pdt earring hagondes 6pdt 4mdb ring whole 10dt dark 12night 3bdt umbra 3enemy crit cape 2mdt lucked still quest abyssea gende cuffs overcapped bilaut defending could 50pdt 26mdt exactly lands 18bdt good enough capped technically sabots slipor sash stuff 3mdb artsieq meva 5pdt hose runs 2pdt retain slot during thurandaut skadi1 with body ukuxkaj whirlpool manibozho iuitl other raider2 haste chocaliztli belt thaumas shneddick options head weapons twilight handslegsfeet following hands order mani much gear marches some buremte 4936 this delay raiders shift results around beat configurations from vary different subject leisilonu1 except finally configs include ionis middle  >>  

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Section: FFXI

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