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 <<  bregor  seattle week long this especially will worried about consistency reliable division still worked actually last edit there valiskd almost game arizona other anyone someone officiating also have been impressed with theyre yiss pundit patriotic punters rgiii4mvp giving grabs nice real would havveshould 2012-13 some made chances many fuck hard coast east stretch foes into lives tweeks flacco elite quarterback brother seed were steelers pittsburgh giants york packers england patriots iirc first time 2011 done orleans 2005 colts 2004 2003 bucaneers tampa 2002 indianaplois 2006 2009 green saints 2008 2007 2010 super that what talking none sorry your dead though forget bowl recently most getting because coverage never all-madden tighter happens dick just butt than very exciting read terrible play thats kind madden gonna already silver nate sundays outcome season thread start bregs predicted fest period football snooze spare imma guys nfl  >>  


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