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 <<  rocl ffxiv gamespot link removed have from devs floodgates comments opened their matter same more real deal this just gear someone hoping reminiscing players most because were models magitek counted clockwork some unique dragon bosses guides strategy example wyrm demon dont ultros monsters ffxi behemoth typhon elementals dreadnaught giant when roughly enemy various other games gunship einhander bahamut phoenix darkness gilgamesh midgardsormr ferdiad boogyman wandil redux yeti vicegerent anchag warden cloud enkidu nael twintania grail looks entire adult combo judged life solely woman note they ugly divorced kids your holy scars make important thats world-famous singer look discussion information heavensward expansion much appearance would imagine like things doesnt care about shallow  >>  

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Comments from the Devs
Comments from the Devs
Comments from the Devs
so I was reminiscing
Patch 2.5 Notes
FFXIV 3.0 : Heavensward - Expansion Information and Discussion

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