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 <<  bregor  those intrigued whisenhunt cleland zimmer guys fine until draft then hired mentioned before gets retreads there would weekend prophet privs more 2013-14 than divisional excited about retards total value worth contract making through eight-year extension nearly 2023 according injured anyways that theres smith million multiple sources well 110 tackle july still only shit off-season thread prince piece field half signed bowl offensive 2014 have cowboys defense fuck dallas tyron sherman over literally pulling someones their defending richard from while hair love dick tears course chad prob shed meanie myself most likely much hear satb kc4int didnt lucky enough 2014-15 meltdown what having just catch grant teddy danny week cologne edit apparently also maybe dude gucci black sharted cover pair guilty needed history undies privsmvp stealing deadline trade nothing assuming passed interesting sucks report gifs hee-haw kids couple last jets years corners lost think good mostall williams gregg number dial speed looks lack discipline worst team picture quarter pole playoff bolo shit-ass versus sparkles graham back running dream incorporated wrong traded etcsalary injury here another nfl  >>  


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2013-14 NFL Divisional Weekend: There is but one God, and PRIVS is his prophet.
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2014-15 NFL Week 8: HEE-HAW! (and gifs for the kids)
2014-15 NFL Week 14: Shit-Ass Versus The Bolo, and the Playoff Picture at the Quarter Pole

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