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 <<  bregor  those intrigued whisenhunt cleland zimmer guys fine until draft then hired mentioned before gets retreads there would weekend prophet privs more 2013-14 than divisional excited about retards cologne edit apparently also maybe dude gucci black sharted cover pair guilty needed history making week undies privsmvp 2014-15 stealing fantasy year where potential tournaments just double-ups some this daily finished person 38th stuck original leagues with misses tournament couple only actually made gutting pick money lost near league smaller 1000 came winner when like 11th another 10k come have semis knocked fashion really close 630 basically nfl  >>  


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2013-14 NFL Divisional Weekend: There is but one God, and PRIVS is his prophet.
2014-15 NFL Week 6: Making History! Also PRIVSMVP
BG Fantasy Football 2015: Dynasty in the making
BG Fantasy Football 2015: Dynasty in the making

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