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BG Newsletter #15

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Happy Holidays BG!

BG Member Of The Week: Psion

Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
A. I joined the forum in November 2007, so I guess that means i've been around for about 7 years. I'm pretty sure I lurked for longer than that though, since zilart release in NA.

Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
A. I would probably say FFXI, but not so much because it's the best game ever, despite it being great in story, music, etc. It's because I was quickly picked up by a linkshell named THElotusPOD and made a lot of great friends who supported me through thick and thin, and those are some of my most precious memories.

Q. Let's face it, while BG is a lot of things, it is pretty well known for Final Fantasy. Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy character?
A. They're all my favorites in their own special ways! (except Vaan.) I'd probably pick Sabin, Kimahri, and Wakka as my favorites though.

Q. What's something you find interesting about yourself?
A. My life goal is to find a way to another world with magic and go on adventures! I figure if you want to aim for a goal, you might as well aim for what you truly want and not just what is realistic to achieve. After all, many of our inventions came from people who redefined what "impossible" was.

Q. What is something that has you excited for next year?
A. I'm excited to see what new discoveries, or lack thereof, the Large Hadron Collider will make!

Weekly Trivia Question 1: Ghostbusters was based on a script called something different... what was it called?
Weekly Trivia Question 2: Which Final Fantasy was the first to have an unlimited inventory space?

Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for the trivia answer.

Major Game Releases Arriving This Week:
If you think this week's game launches look lackluster, wait till next week...

Release Date: 12/23/2014
PS3 Vita

We already have the thread already during the PS4 launch:

Mina: It was definitely a must-have if you own a PS4 but now that it's coming to the rest of the PS blanket I hope that those who aren't ready to pop for a PS4 will get a chance to play it.
Sonomaa: Resogun was the best game of the PS4 launch and I will absolutely be picking it up. Its stupidly fun and simple but pushes you hard with its bullet adventures.
(BGer of the Week) Psion: Haven't played this, but I've always been a sucker for these types of spaceship shooting games. Looks like it's well designed, too.

Trine Enchanted Edition
Release Date: 12/23/2014

Mina: It's beautiful but it's not my type of game. I think I prefer watching someone play this rather than play it myself. Still, if you like the platformy puzzle sort of games, you can't go wrong with Trine.
Sonomaa: Just watched the trailer for this puzzle game and it looks fantastic. Puzzle games are a secret addiction because they can be done on the side and dont require a massive commitment, Ill pick it up in a multipack and make some friends play with me.
(BGer of the Week) Psion: Looks like it has a beautiful art style, but I've always been terrible at 2D platformers. XD

Random Comic:
MegaTokyo. Back in ye days of early webcomics I remember reading these the day they came out along with a handful of others. I was especially into RPG World at the time. I believe I even own a MegaTokyo shirt somewhere in my closet. "Live in your world die in mine". It's a story webcomic with obvious anime and japanese culture lovingly added to it. Artistically, I don't know what to say about it other than despite the years that have gone by there hasn't been that much of an improvement. The reason why I stopped following MegaTokyo was the same as last week's webcomic. It didn't hold my attention anymore. Still, you'll see a lot of webcomics have pulled influences from CAD and MegaTokyo due to their early success and it's worth mentioning it. I don't hate MegaTokyo, especially in the earlier parts of the comic. And hey, maybe you're someone who used to read it and wondered "Hey, does he still do updates?".

Threads of Interest:

Tis the season to be shoppy, but we're smart shoppers for games, right? Make sure you watch the deals thread!
Games Console Deals Thread: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/805...e-Deals-Thread

And of course the Hobbit Thread picked up traffic due to the movie's launch (although I doubt that's the movie everyone's talking about this week)
The Hobbit: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/521...13-Dec-16-2014)

Video of the Week:

This was submitted anonymously to me. It's a year old but after watching it... well it is good for Christmas.
Minecraft Rollercoaster Ride. It has... dubstep remix or something? Still it's impressive...

Weekly Trivia Answer:
Spoiler: show
1. Ghost Smashers!
2. Final Fantasy V. It will likely also be the only FF to have the same number of playable characters in the game as it sits chronologically.


  1. Xerlic -
    Xerlic's Avatar
    Holy crap. Megatokyo is still around. Their forums are a ghost town compared to back in the day.