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Music Friday: The Village of the Green Isles

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Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

I wanted to cheat this MF by sharing some music from the anime Kill La Kill which I finished watching this week. Great show with a great soundtrack. Alas, no video game music there. So while planning where to go next I told myself: "Why not take a trip to the fantastic Green Isles?"

I fondly remember my time with King's Quest VI. It was the first CD PC game I ever bought - actually the first one, period - CD or no CD. I was fascinated by the graphics, the setting, the music... and the difficulty. This is an old game, sure, but at its time it was fantastic. I'm actually feeling an urge to play it again, but from what I've been reading it's hard to find a way to play it with the CD enhancements (high quality character portraits, music and interface).

The track in question plays during your visit to the village at the beginning of the game. Everything's new, fresh, and this place is a mystery waiting to be explored and unraveled. You'll meet friendly folk in wonder-filled places and find out more about this place you just ended up after your ship sank during a powerful storm. There's much more to the Green Isles, of course, but this is the first step of a grand adventure. Even despite the humble origins of this song, hardware-wise, it captures so much, so well.

Game on.

- Sagacyte

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  1. Charismatic -
    Charismatic's Avatar
    Kill la Kill's OST was absolutely fantastic.
    Reminded me a lot of Panty & Stocking's OST (which is anime GOAT).