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Music Friday: Metal

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Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

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With Final Fantasy XIV's second anniversary coming up soon, there will be a 14 hour stream with different events happening in Japan. For us it means a new Live Letter and information about patch 3.1; nevertheless that's still a bit away so in the mean time Squeenix dropped the featured video this week: the music for the last floor of Alexander and put lyrics to it. I previously did a Music Friday for the music from the previous floors, so now I complete that with the final one.

Lyrics are odd, aren't they? That's because they're done using gobbiespeak, which is the language of the goblins of Eorzea. You find these race in several places through your adventure and it's always stressed that there are two groups among them: the normal friendly goblins and the evil "Illuminati" who are always trying to steal the "secrets of cheesemake". It is this rebellious faction that now inhabits the structure of Alexander with mysterious purposes.

A small fun fact is that this song plays lyric-less before the fight actually starts, and once you engage it becomes a concerto of goobiespeak and lightybolts. It's a pretty neat fight so pay attention to mechanics... you don't wanna be caught with lustyeyes for junk of Brayflox!

Game on!

- Sagacyte!

Blaugust... continues! Must... go on... !!!