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What happened to my weekend of February 10th

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What happened indeed.

At a little before 3pm EST on Friday the 10th, Chrian messaged me on Steam. I looked at his message, wondering why he was sending me one, usually he waits, with perfect timing, for me to start watching a movie or tv show, to fire up a game either on steam or on another service, then sends me several cryptic messages, usually involving minecraft, ragns being ragns, or some equally strange topic, but it never fails, its always during something. He told me, with his little taru smirk (Subconsciously, I imagine all of you as your FFXI races, I need to seek professional help), that TERA was up and you could log in.

I launched the client, logged in quickly, expecting to be greeted by a GTFO GAMES NOT READY message, and suddenly, it was.. pick a server. I chose the spider one, chosen by the forum members, I guess they dont like Ragns that much, logged in, proceeded to scrutinize my character for a while, getting the best one I could, lamenting not being able to pick the ears and tail with the hair that I wanted, selected archer of course, and went on my merry way.

At approximately 4am after one break at around 9pm for a quick run to the store, I realized I was getting tired. Piled around me was half a bag of beef jerky, multiple cans of coke, bottles of water, and an assortment of mikes hard lemonades. Oh yeah, I was hooked. I was set up nice and smooth, I played the entire time minus that one break and didnt want to stop. Reluctantly I went to sleep, I was 12 or 13 at the time.

Woke up a little after one the next day, I started again without fail, finding little places I could farm enemies and materials, explore the main city, remember to accept peoples applications to the guild, it was a blast, I didnt slow down. I ended up around 10 or 11, starting to get real tired and dealing with dried out eyes that needed a break. I stayed on vent, lounged in my chair and caught up on the forums. Indalcia mentioned they had a bow, no other archers online. Might as well go for it. I was 21 at the time, I figured 22 and some adventure would follow. One run of the 20-22 dungeon with Indy and some other BGs and suddenly four hours had suddenly passed. I noticed this while we were farming basilisks for quests and random crystal drops, as well as for going after a larger scale BAM (Big Ass Monster, official name) in the area.

Man, this game was awesome, I cursed my mortal form for not giving me more energy. Another day then, another day. After a short nights sleep I crawled back into that chair and resumed my adventure, I crafted, I explored a bit more, I did some more murder, played with the timing of some of my combos, read the tooltips a little more, scoured the auction house for some gems. We got some groups together again, went after some more BAMs, some more dungeons. Sadly I got called away for a few hours towards the end but sunday was a nice 9 hour stretch of adventure.

I enjoyed myself immensely, everyone on vent was having a blast, people I got into the game, people who had gotten me more into the game. Vandole, Indy, Chrian, Penny.Cillan, some people whose names I dont even remember (sorry). We all agreed on one thing, TERA was awesome, we wanted more.

The game plays like no MMO youve played before, stop thinking that its another tank and spank. Its action oriented, like if Gears of War or Hunted the Demons Forge got together with the questing and dungeon part of WoW, with a silky smooth unreal 3 powered engine that looks better than Aion, and a bunch of crazy breast heavy characters, some lolis, and some giant rock galkas and some fat pandas. Somebody set the blender for awesome and guitar solos and adventure spewed out.

I havent been this excited for a game since... well since an FFXI expansion years and years ago. TERA might not be for everyone, but its next for me, and I can see myself playing it for a while. Skill translates well in the game, you hit where you aim, you step out of the way, you dont get smacked around. No point and click weekenders here, healbots and afkers need not apply. No rolling your face on a keyboard for top DPS or creating the perfect XML to swap all your gear for half a point more accuracy. Pre-order from amazon for a beta key, drop 5 bucks at gamestop for one as well, or take the plunge and grab the full deal off the website.

Its not a WoW clone... finally.

Pre-order here:

Check out vandoles stream of TERA here:

Check out the BG TERA forum here, join us in game for adventure and excitement:


  1. Indalecia -
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like some awesome in your awesome

  2. BlackMoomba -
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    Most boring 2 week waits, need moar!