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Music Friday: My top tracks of 2015

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Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the first day of the new year joined by some great music!

Goodbye 2015! Hello, 2016! Before moving on, let's look back one last time at some amazing tracks that graced our ears during this past year. Once I checked at the list I made, I noticed that they were almost all "boss" tracks; stands to reason, as they're some of the most intense moments you can have in a game.

Like my top games of 2015, I present these in no particular order. Also, it's worth mentioning that featuring a track from a game doesn't mean it's the only good one - these soundtracks often contain multiple tracks that go beyond simple "good music"!

And finally: SPOILER ALERT - I'll talk about spoilers from the chosen games, so be careful!

The First Hunter - Bloodborne

In two of the game's three endings you face off against Gehrman, the calm-looking old man that serves as the host of the Hunter's Dream, your base of operations. In battle, however, he's vicious as the fiercest beasts you find through the game; it takes mastery to finish him.

The track is powerful. The voices as desperate as you are to finally escape this nightmare, and the battle's difficulty really aligns itself with the pleas of the choir. An unforgettable track, that must be experienced, should you want to transcend the Hunt - just be wary of the Moon...

Last Stand - Destiny: The Taken King

When a God-like entity travels the entire galaxy to get revenge on you for killing his son, you know the showdown is gonna be epic. The final encounter with Oryx, inside his own mental world of the King's Fall raid, is a grand battle with a giant enemy that won't hesitate to manipulate dimensions to stop you.

And no, I still haven't defeated the Hard Mode version of the encounter!

Ominous Prognisticks - Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

One of my first tracks from the expansion featured in a Music Friday episode, it's still one of my favorites whenever I play XIV. Fancy name, eh? The song plays during the final boss of all Heavensward dungeons, and it's a fitting theme, with urgent tones accompanied with a touch of heroism. To quote myself from that post:

...doesn’t only include select notes from other HW’s main themes, but even throws in a loop transition reminiscent of old Final Fantasies battle themes. It’s a heroic, grand, powerful theme that goes very well with the battles we face.
There have been many awesome tracks in the expansion, some came with patches, such as the excellent Alexander boss theme, and the Thordan Extreme BGM.

Dark World Boss - Towerfall: Dark World

It took me weeks of attempts with friends and solo to finally defeat Dark World's final boss, the Impossible Horror at the Center of All Creation. It is one of the best boss encounters I've played this year, requiring precision and quick reflexes. I still have nightmares about this encounter and the many times I was *this* close to victory.

The entire Undertale soundtrack

Allow me to make a weird exception here, to finish this post the right way. By now you're either in love with Undertale or loathe its constant presence in your Twitter timeline or favorite gaming forum. Regardless of position there's little not to like in this crazy romp of a soundtrack that at times sounds like a NES game, at times a SNES game, and a master soundtrack all the time.

The field tracks are great, the boss tracks are even better. For example, the theme of one of the first characters you meet, and a popular one: Papyrus the Skeleton.

I simply have a hard time choosing a single song from this soundtrack. I can't simply say "this one track is cool" without leaving aside stress-inducers like Spider Dance:

Or the fabulous and fast paced televised ratings-race that is the battle against Mettaton Ex:

And... well I don't wanna spoil the ending (because it is awesome and oh-so-FFIV), but I have to include a theme that seems to be extremely popular. It's an awesome theme, but I haven't experienced it in-game for it only appears in the Genocide (think "evil") playthrough. Megalovania, ladies and gents:

And to end this, just one more track. A non-boss track. And one of the most soothing tracks, fitting for the winter season.

And with that we turn around and look forward to 2016. Many great games are coming. Best be ready for them! Oh, and of course:

Happy New Year, guys! Thanks for reading!