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TERA this weekend Part 2

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Listen, EME, we get it, closed beta test. Its cool, we understand how much work you have to do to get the game ready for launch. We know the PVP system is only partially implemented. We actually really enjoyed stomping the shit out of the two guilds who declared war on us, we didnt enjoy when the server reset and the stats were reset, only to have us lose the wars via them getting one kill. But hey its beta. A few of us got unjustly ganked by capped level players who didnt have anything else to do, only one of us really got upset over it, not me though, I eventually changed channels and all was well.

What I was really angry about all weekend is that I didnt level another archer. Yeah its going to be my main class, yeah I miss it a ton, yeah Im forcing myself to play other classes so I can learn but god, why didnt I level another archer. I could wreck the faces off those little red punks who tried to gank me, they werent even that good. If my paper thin sorc can get them almost dead, my archer could eat them alive.

Why EME, why did the beta have to end, why cant we have the game now, we paid for it, we need it. Right now we have close to a hundred people who are sitting at their desks, sitting in class, sitting at home, or sitting in another game going... why.. why cant we play TERA right now. They look at their other MMO characters and think, damn, this is tab targeting one, two, three, repeat. Its boring, its stale. Yeah it might be a little fun, yeah they might have some friends there, but compared to action dancing danger destruction shiny graphics magic for the eyes, ears, adrenal glands. Shit is boring in the other worlds, we crave action now.

Several people have gotten temporary K-TERA accounts, just to play until release. They braved the terrifying korean servers just to get their fix, high latency, scary StarCraft 2 power houses who may or may not be 10 minutes away from dropping dead after a 45 hour binge.

Anyway, this has turned into a little too much begging, a little too much ranting. Were watching you EME, with great interest. Your career for TERA is just beginning, and we expect fantastic things of you. Why dont you give me a buzz, we can sit down, talk about some stuff. My people have a lot of questions, Im sure you have a few youd like answered too. Ive done this before, safety isnt guaranteed though, we can be downright cruel if you are trying to slip something past us.

Otherwise just turn the servers on again, just for five minutes, we need it man.


  1. Rulke -
    Rulke's Avatar
    Ah Sonomaa you are hooked. I love it! >:E
  2. Wenrick -
    Wenrick's Avatar
    I never realized how addicted to this game I truly was until I stopped playing it. Even as I type this, the withdrawals are making my hands shake.
  3. Misterjingles -
    Misterjingles's Avatar
    I just want to heal Vandole with my mystic's balls!
  4. Vandole -
    Vandole's Avatar
    his balls that i put in my mouth are so plentiful and rejuvenate my loins.
  5. shepardG -
    shepardG's Avatar
    Seriously, trying to play league of legends after I know Tera is there just sucks
  6. Eddard -
    Eddard's Avatar
    Will you break down in CBT4 and level that Archer, Sono? lol
  7. Leashedragon -
    Leashedragon's Avatar
    Wish we could still atleast play with the character creator while the servers are down. Want to play with pretties.
  8. Eddard -
    Eddard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xiani
    Wish we could still atleast play with the character creator while the servers are down. Want to play with pretties.
    I'm anxious to get into the early character creation in April to save my name... Damn you EME, let me just save my name now!
  9. Kachiko -
    Kachiko's Avatar
    After playing K-TERA, last year, this is why I'm waiting until CB5, just so I can get characters set, and peek at a few in game things, so that I'm ready for an Open Beta/Early Release blitz.
  10. Sonomaa -
    Sonomaa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eddard
    Will you break down in CBT4 and level that Archer, Sono? lol
    maybe.. yeah I will.
  11. JigglyJam -
    JigglyJam's Avatar
    I am seriously jonesing for more. Videos and pictures can only do so much.
  12. shidobu -
    shidobu's Avatar
    we all know that feel