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A dark night in The Division's New York

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A few days ago I found a Reddit post on a setting called Neutral Lightning that was, by default, disabled in The Division. There were different reactions so I decided to give it a shot by myself. Oh boy, I am glad I did.

One of the things I enjoy the most about the Division is going about the world looking for collectibles - it's relaxing to walk the streets seeing the world. Going around with this setting has truly changed the way things look. How? Look at this picture:

This is The Division during a foggy/snowy night with Neutral Lightning off. Pretty standard stuff. Now what happens if I turn it on?

Where's the blue? The option seems to disable the bluish tint the screen has at night. Ok, cool, less blue. No big deal. But then I tried it during a normal, non-foggy night. Here's the default shot.

Blue, as expected. Neat. A normal alley on a "dark" New York evening. Now let's see how it fares with Neutral Lightning.

Whoa. Who turned off the lights? Neutral Lightning appears to take all light filters out of the picture and leaves the world to be illuminated by a dim night-sky light while at the same time making artificial light "pop" more. Night starts to be much more dark, and creepy, with it on. It becomes a bit more difficult to see in dark areas but I feel it gives the game a bit more realism. Going into the Dark Zone with this on can be daunting, but oh-so cool!

This only works at night, though. During the day you will barely notice a difference. But when the night comes everything will be darker, much more real if you ask me - because of course there's people that don't like this new low level of illumination. I have two friends that tried it for a while: one came back to blue, but the other has welcomed the new dark overlord. I imagine that it'll also depend on your tv/monitor's brightness and contrast settings.

Give it a shot. I know the Division is in a bit of a though spot right now, what with all the glitches and un-exciting loot, but walking the dark streets of a semi-abandoned New York is always an experience.

Game on
- Sagacyte