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Music Friday: Double Boss Combo

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Have you noticed that I seem to have a preference for battle themes in Music Friday? No particular reason other than battle/boss music having the responsibility of inspiring a sense of urgency and danger that is crucial to set the mood of battle. Since last week I was on a holiday, I owe you a post, and thus bring today two neat boss themes from two fun games!

First up, "Eyes Up", the theme of Aksis, Archon Prime and final boss in Wrath of the Machine - Destiny's Rise of Iron raid. The mutilated Fallen overlord, connected only by SIVA to the complex itself has been defeated and you scarce have time to celebrate when he regains his consciousness and uses his platform as a spider-like vehicle, starting this cool theme.

I like how the theme clearly identifies the phases of the fight. At first the realization that he's not down but is now a spider-like monster, then the early and basic fight's mechanics. At 1:03 is when the true mechanics begin (cannons, servitors, charges), a frantic to-and-fro of combinations that must be performed to weaken the boss down. At 1:30 the boss starts dancing around the stage and you must stun and damage him a few times. At 2:35 Aksis unleashes his SIVA - a one-shot mechanic that must be avoided by all party members by standing in a certain position. At 2:50 is the final transition, a dps phase where only one will fall - your team or Aksis. For clarification, the theme's sections can and will loop for the multiple repeats of phases.

Now for something much more colorful, yet not less dangerous:

Child of Light, despite being a colorful game, is about some pretty somber themes. It has three boss themes, and this is the first one. You immediately know this isn't gonna be just another fight! Boss battles can be quite problematic unless you know what to do, but thankfully the combat system - which reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy X's - allows you to have all your party members at your disposition to deal with anything that can come up.

Time to enjoy the weekend! Well, for you to enjoy the weekend. I work tomorrow. Preparing for late November and XVcember - I apologize in advance if December's Music Fridays are dominated by Final Fantasy XV. As they say on the internet:

Sorry not sorry.

Game on,