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This was about something else.

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You know what? I was gonna write a post about Destiny 2's current woes when it comes to end game progression and rewards. How end game activities are currently not feeling very rewarding and everything has been left to a system of trading tokens (not bad per se) for random pieces of loot (not good), as if someone thought it would be a good idea to copy MMO's token system and forgot that they complement the loot system, not replace it.

But there's so much negativity in gaming media lately that... I can't. I can't add to the pile. Lootbox and microtransaction hell in Battlefront 2 and Shadow of Mordor 2, housing issues in FFIXV, endgame pains in Destiny 2...
I am not saying that it's not warranted sometimes, but... too much negativity lately. And this is just game stuff... I don't even wanna go into world news ("calm before the storm", anyone) or personal stuff. I am just not feeling it, right now. I apologize.

I play games to escape reality, not to be engulfed in drama. I am just tired of it all.

Play your favorite game this weekend.


  1. Twilight Sky -
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    Yeah, I'm becoming more and more of a lurker these days due to excessive negativity. It's like nobody is happy with any game, well anything -at all-.