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Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 5 - Pretty Damn Pretty

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Welcome back to another week of projects.

Roam - ends February 24 - @ $5k (12%)

This is a multi-genre game, but at it's heart it's a Diablo-like action RPG. Just with zombies. And base construction.

I'm telling you about it because while zombies may be everywhere, and this has a little bit of Dead State's sauce, the gameplay is different enough to be worthwhile. If you want that kind of game, but in a Diablo instead of X-com style, IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Also, the gameplay prototype looks fucking impressive, especially for a two man team. Even if the art is left as is and all the further effort goes to gameplay, this is shaping up to be a quality game. These dudes have potential, and as such deserve at least a look at.

It will cost you $15 for a copy of the game with beta access. However $25 gets you an in game survival kit you always start with (along with a second copy of the game to give out), and $40 gets you that plus a backpack to start with (and a THIRD copy of the game), and all keys get the bonuses you're tiered at. The current stretch goals are to add vehicles and a skill system.

Release - January 2014

Cryamore - ends February 25 - @ $59k (98%)

This is a classic console adventure RPG. Think Legend of Mana, Illusion of Gaia (or anything Quintet), Beyond Oasis, etc.

I'm telling you about it because, OK, before I say anything, go to the kickstarter page, look at the art (about the middle of the page), look at the videos. Go on, do it, now, I'll wait here.
OH MY GOD, I KNOW RIGHT! And the staff too, holy shit, this is some quality talent. No real risk of them being unable to perform. And others agree, even with a higher goal than you usually see with indie kickstarters, with only a few days in, this is already about to break it's goal (largely from a pair of expensive 9 inch resin figures, but still [and there are a few left, if you want 'em]). There is still a place for these kinds of games even though the industry moved on, and this is another great one to go with the others I've had my eye on (go look at the others in the index, there is some amazing stuff). The earliest stretch goals add voice acting, the next two add areas, and then a string add more weapon types. The last two add a Japanese translation, and an Android/OUYA release. Anything more will add hires, and add more platforms.

It will cost you $20 to get a copy of the game, but there are about seven thousand $15 discount pledges left (all of the $10 ones are gone, you could try camping the site for one, some people drop from time to time, but your odds are low). Going up ten more will get you the digital soundtrack too, or $50 for actual CDs. The figures will run you $115, or $250 for both, and $100 will get you an UDON hardcover artbook.

Release - March 2014

Dragon's Hoard - ends March 25 - @ $8k (79%)

This is a stand alone card game. With a draw mechanic like Alhambra, and a cost mechanic like Magic: the Gathering. You pick your draws out of a small pool of cards, and use the face to do something, or use the back to pay for something you're doing. The things you play get you victory points, most points win. There are a few twists, but it's not too hard, about as complex as Uno.

I'm telling you about it because while it's a fairly simple game (which isn't a drawback), it has absolutely GORGEOUS card art. The production value of this project is immense, and it's a good price (especially compared to most of the other table top games I've been highlighting). It's already very close to hitting it's funding goal. It's also a pretty safe project, the rules and everything else is ready to go, it's just getting the cards printed up now. There are some stretches, and they basically fund the commissioning of new art to add some more cards, four more damsels at $12k, three more dragons at $14k, and a unicorn with a game effect at $15k.

It will cost you $22 for a copy of the game. Higher tiers mainly add extra copies, or get you some art prints.

Release - July 2013

Here are your updates. Most notable is Worra Realms, Homesick, and Small World 2.

GameStick - 3 days left - @ $500k (500%) [+$55k]
Gamestick was again in the news, they tried offering a $250 developer tier that would give 100% of the game's revenue for the first six months (normally the distributor and/or console company takes a cut off the top). However, as this came very close to giving backers a "return on investment", it went against the legal fiction that allows Kickstarter to operate, so it got yanked. Anyways, the final stretch goal for two more case collars is $60k away, and it's looking like it will be hit.


Akaneiro - 5 days left - @ $127k (63%) [+$29k]
Less than a week left and the game's only at two thirds of it's goal. An in game item was added at $65 and above tiers, more Alice: Madness tier and add-on swag has been added, including figures, and PS3/360 copies of the game (some even autographed). Also of note, at $500 and $1,000 you get an hour with American McGee to discuss game design, and with the higher he'll even review and give feedback on your game design. Not for everyone, but for some, a consult at that price is an interesting opportunity. He also he did an AMA on Reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment...r_and_founder/


Noctemis - 7 days left - @ $9.1k (183%) [+$1.4k]
The $8k stretch goal was reached, so licenses and development for 3DS and Vita is go, and the project is less than a thousand away from giving every backer beta access to the game (along with a poster). A new stretch goal was added, at $15k a new dungeon will be put in, based on a theme that backers will vote on. Also, some new (very early/rough) in game screenshots of enemies were revealed.


Hegemonic - 7 days left - @ $53k (177%) [+$7k]
A small rise in funding, but another stretch goal was unlocked. The next, about $2k away, is a game content boost adding more playable houses, past that it's all game material upgrades.


Worra Realms - 12 days left - @ $3.7k (187%) [+$1.8k]
First off, the available count for the $75 set was increased, so less pressure on getting them. The project had its funding suddenly double, because with every hex mat now comes a set of Reaper minis, four heroes to match the four classes, and some giant rats and spiders. At this point, you may as well call the whole thing HeroQuest 2.0. The boost was enough that stretch goals were added, and there's only a few hundred to go until the first is reached. At $4k, a set of material cards will be added, allowing gear to be upgraded. At $8k there will be new encounter cards added, and some player history cards will be added you can choose from to further customize your character. Lastly at $10k, the number of terrain card will be doubled (for 96 total), and some new enemies will be added.


Wildman - 18 days left - @ $335k (30%) [+$51k]
A small rise in funding, but it has remained fairly static the past few days, nowhere near what it needs to hit it's goal. Really, have a look over it, all the info and videos, and tell other people about this if you think it's worthwhile. Some new tiers were added, both low and high. $10 will get you beta-only access to the game, but you'll be locked out once the game goes retail. $85 lets you vote on game design issues on the forums. They've also added a few more prototype screenshots (which look really good for prototypes), and a design concept video, which is an interesting watch and shows the game might have some very good potential for some serious online play. Oh, and he did an AMA as well. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment...powered_games/


Homesick - 21 days left - @ $8.8k (109%) [+$7k]
This just broke it's funding goal, so they've added some stretches. $12k will add more content to he game, puzzles, story, etc, and... OCULUS RIFT SUPPORT! Dream may or may not happen, so it's good to see a similar project make it. $16k adds a roof level to the building with yet more content. $22k adds a prequel game in a different environment, so, MORE GAME. They added a $75 tier that get you an art print, and revealed a couple of screenshots


Beyond the Gates of Antares - 30 days left - @ £96k (32%) [+£3k]
Funding has slacked a bit, enough for a little concern, but there's still a full month left before the finish date. As usual, TONS of setting and game info have been released on the kickstarter and their website. The whole damn game book may well be online before the kickstarter even ends. There's also a handful of Q&A videos.


The Small World 2 campaign was canceled, despite being halfway to the goal and well on pace to finish. The creators felt that combining both the digital edition goals with the deluxe version of the board game as a high tier reward was confusing and unfocused. The campaign will relaunch in March, with the key goal of getting the game on Android tablets, and Steam. The upgraded iPad version is going to happen regardless, they're just going to do it, bugger kickstarting it. Coverage will return when the campaign does.


Lastly, Radio the Universe finished with nearly 82k raised, twice over the final stretch goal. And Ehdrigohr finished with just under 19k, just shy of a full campaign adventure being added to the pledges, alas. Still four times the asking price though.


Also, since it's the end of the month, I'll be going through the link index and checked on the delayed, and set to release in January projects, and update any that have had a change in status. Expect that later this evening.

That's all for this week.

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    Just checked out Radio the Universe. The trailer looks incredibly cool.