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BG Stats for February 2013

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February still had FFXI, FFXIV and TERA as top topics... if we exclude the Random Image Thread of course.

Random Image Thread
2013 NHL Season Thread
Manhunt in Los-Angeles
Super Bowl XLVII
Best Videos on Youtube

Nothing unusual in General Discussion: Random Image Thread is still at the top with some news and sports stuff. Also stop asking for a sports subforum, 2 threads occasionally popular doesn’t justify it.

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icon...lFantasyXI.png FFXI
Completed Relic Mythic weapons list
Random Question Thread
Dev Tracker Discussion
Dorp XXV wtf bynes
Random Fail XIII
Date of SoA Revealed 3-27-13
Salvage II
What's Better
Show me those .dats
What's your best FFXI nostalgia moment

The neverending FFXI threads still never die and peaked during the double exp weekend.

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icon...FantasyXIV.png FFXIV
Comments from the Devs
Beta Test Emails Now Released
Letter from the Producer LIVE Part V
FFXIV ARR Benchmark Beta Scores
FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Official Benchmark Exploration Now Available!

There’s a lot of talk about a beta we’re not supposed to talk about. At least people can still compare their epeen with the benchmark.

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icons/bg/Games.png Gaming
Playstation Meeting 2013
TERA Mods! Now with BGmirroring
EVO 2013
Tera Online Random Question Thread
Ni No Kuni

This month we’re still as clueless about the new PS4. Meanwhile the now F2P TERA attracts a bunch of Gulkeeva-likes who want to undress their Elins.

BG / Anime
The Walking Dead
General WWE Discussion
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

I guess Walking Dead is having shitstorms of drama recently but I don’t know since I’m still trying to catch up. Naruto and Bleach are still going strong while I’m still wishing for the little ponies to finally die.

BG Chat
It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to gather chat related stats but they came back for this month.

Biggest chatters
  1. gulkeeva
  2. Kaisha
  3. Kurokikaze
  4. Kotomi
  5. Correction
  6. Sonomaa
  7. Indalecia
  8. Sylvrdragon
  9. Ragns
  10. Chun Liroy
  11. Tyrath
  12. octopus
  13. Aurara
  14. kallenblackwood
  15. Charismatic

Most used words
  1. fuck
  2. shit
  3. ps4
  4. stream
  5. ragns (I hate all of you)
  6. ponies (See: #1 and #2)
  7. ffxiv
  8. female
  9. miqo'te
  10. ffxi

Post count per section!

General (no spam)
  1. Cail
  2. BadKarma
  3. Ratatapa
  4. Rhinox
  5. isladar
  6. Bregor
  7. archibaldcrane
  8. bluefan
  9. tyven
  10. Plow

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icons/bg/Games.png Gaming
  1. 6souls
  2. Chun Liroy
  3. Callisto
  4. octopus
  5. Weltall
  6. Jornna
  7. Tyrath
  8. Souj
  9. Qalbert
  10. Insanecyclone

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icon...lFantasyXI.png FFXI
  1. dasva
  2. Byrthnoth
  3. noodles355
  4. Yugl
  5. Slycer
  6. Obsidian
  7. Cairthenn
  8. Darkmagi
  9. NynJa
  10. Prothescar

http://img.bluegartr.com/images/icon...FantasyXIV.png FFXIV
  1. Lucavi
  2. Gokulo
  3. Kurokikaze
  4. miokomioko
  5. Deuce
  6. Sephiroth
  7. Alkar
  8. Churchill
  9. Oreth
  10. solracht

  1. Caiyuo
  2. Callisto
  3. Mote
  4. isladar
  5. Ikarys
  6. Selamis
  7. Alleya
  8. Tempyst
  9. Nynaeve
  10. Zeith

  1. MF Perm tha Fineass
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Qalbert
  4. Charismatic
  5. Rhyis.
  6. Brill Weave
  7. Abandon
  8. Titanss
  9. Derock
  10. Skirkle


  1. SephYuyX -
    SephYuyX's Avatar
    Clearly I need to post more BS to increase my counts.
  2. Brill Weave -
    Brill Weave's Avatar
    Sports subforum please.
  3. Ragns -
    Ragns's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brill Weave
    Sports subforum please.
  4. 6souls -
    6souls's Avatar
    Clearly Liroy needs to spam the Evo thread more.
  5. Cail -
    Cail's Avatar
    Top 10 GD posters are all sports posters. Where's my sports sub-forum?