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Thread: HQ rings     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    HQ rings

    So with the latest patch HQ items were suppose to receive a boost over NQ items. I hadn't seen a post of what one looked like so I tried making some myself. After accidently hasting hand a set of electrum ores (oh well), I made the following.


    NQ spinel is +15 dex
    HQ spinel is 18 dex
    so a nice little bump. This was a bit of a pain to make as i only got to 72 percent on the hq meter. (third try too as the other two blew up ).

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    Yeah most of the new accessories are the same, go from +15 to +18. This includes the macc rings and the healing potency neck.

    Definitely worth getting.

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    http://mozk-tabetai.com/ has HQ stats for all the items. HQs are indeed nice now.