Role: DPS
Weapon: Bow
Armor: Leather

1 Arrow: A basic arrow that's strongest at close range.
1 Backstep: Quickly dodge back out of harm's way.

2 Arrow Volley: Lock onto and hit several targets with one shot.
4 Penetrating Arrow: An arrow that does more damage the longer you charge it, piercing whoever it hits.
6 Slow Trap: Drags down the movement speed of anyone near it when it goes off.
8 Close Quarters: Bash an enemy with your bow, potentially stunning it.
10 Breakaway Bolt: Fire an exploding arrow at your feet, leap clear, and then watch the fireworks.
12 Retaliate: Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
14 Rapid Fire: Quickly fire up to seven arrows off in succession.
15 Radiant Arrow: A very powerful single shot that does more damage the longer you charge it.
22 Poison Arrow: Shoot an arrow dripping with lethal poison. Does less damage to far-off targets and other players.
24 Final Salvo: As a chained skill from Radiant Arrow or Penetrating Arrow, you rapid-fire up to five arrows at whoever's still standing.
26 Stunning Trap: Set a trap that briefly staggers the victim. The trap lasts for 20 seconds or until triggered.
26 Incendiary Trap: A magical landmine that blasts anyone near it when it goes off.
30 Velik's Mark: Mark a single opponent and do extra damage whenever you hit it.
38 Feign Death: Deceive monsters by pretending to be dead. Resets your aggro and buys you some breathing space.
42 Web Arrow: Tangle your targets, slowing them down.
48 Sniper's Eye: Slow down your attacks but greatly increase their damage, especially against other players.
54 Restraining Arrow: Drag down your opponent's speed and do damage at the same time.
58 Rain of Arrows: Exactly what it sounds like. Anyone in the area better have a steel umbrella.