So this is probably a long shot with my low post count and recent join date. After checking the blist though I've come to realize how close of a community BG really is (being only 1 person who has scammed anyone) Hopefully I can get that sense of welcoming!

I need a new CPU so I'm selling off some random PC parts in my house. I've got a GTS450 (used but works fine) and a brand new never used motherboard that I never got to use cause I ordered the wrong one (CPU didn't fit so I left it in my closet)

GTS 450: I'm not sure what brand this is I got it from my brother but never used it. THe back of it says: GTS450 1024m gddr5 128b crt dvi hdmi

I'd like to sell both of them together. But I'll just list my asking price I suppose for each one.

GTS 450: 50$ (newegg is 100$)
NF750-G55 Mobo: 55$

PM me for details. Thanks!