I ordered a pair years ago and I had non-functional problems with them (nylon braiding on the cord was shedding). I was given a completely brand new pair from RMA (warranty lasts three years and Logitech is great with customer service).

I'm looking to flip them as I'm looking to upgrade to a wireless set for clutter/mobility reasons. These sell for $95 new on Amazon. I'm basically looking to split the difference Amazon would rake if I listed them for $90.

This is a great headset for anyone in the market for one. I know you can get a more audiophile oriented pair of cans + a stand-alone mic for much cheaper; you're paying a premium for the durability, the extra features, and the virtual surround sound.

If you have any problems with it, I did not need a receipt to file my warranty claim, but I am more than willing to handle the RMA process for you.

EDIT: Fack wrong forum mispost. Too early. PRZ CAN I HAVE MOVE?