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    Gave 5$ to bg and all I could think of was this lousy title.

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    Streaming with FFsplit

    The other day I tried setting up a stream for shits and giggles. It worked fine when I played battlefield 3 (beside of the lag or mediocre quality when I lowered graphics to stop said lag)

    But now, I tried to see if SC2 would work better as i'm sure its a lot less bandwith demanding. Problem is, the sound loops.

    I open the menu 1 time, I hear it an infinity of time every like 4 5 seconds.

    The stream is muted, I unplugged my mic. I don't really know what else to try.

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    Streaming with FFsplit

    I have tried this program countless times and I can never get it to work right. I think I had this same problem once and couldn't fix it. It's always something else with every game. In the end I went back to xsplit and I found the stream quality to be better with it anyway.

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