Hello traveler, you seem to be applying for being a mod on BG forums. Aside from a snazzy color and the ability to oppress your fellow posters, youll have several responsibilities you'll have to take care of while you wander the halls of the mighty BG Forums.

That being said, please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can think of for your consideration on being a mod. PM the answers to your questions to Sonomaa who will post them for the current mod staff to vote on and review. We will be selecting a large number of mods to replace retiring staff as well as working to bolster content for the forums and increase traffic. Please answer all questions.
Why should we choose you to be a moderator.

Have you ever been a moderator on a forum before, if so which ones. We can censor this post for mod viewing but please let me (Sonomaa) as an admin know so I can reference you have been one before in your application.

What sections of the forums do you read the most. Be honest, we can tell.

Are you willing to expand your forum views to different sections and branch out in your moderation.

Do you have posters or forums you absolutely hate and would prefer to not go to those sections.

Do you contribute to any sections you want to mod or are you just a lurker.

Do you post in spam.

Did you play Final Fantasy 11. Any other MMOs at any sort of length.

Are you ok with policing forums where people might post things that you don't like (NSFW/Anime Boobs/Torrents/Spam).

Are you smart enough to realize when you are being led into a trap.

Are you smart enough to step away from a situation where you have become personally involved and cannot make an impartial decision.

You caught your friend doing something infractable. How do you handle this.

Are you willing to have people start hating on you because you became a mod.

Can you engage in intelligent discussion with other mods and admins on situations where you might not agree with how things were handled so the situation can be fixed appropriately.

Are you super active on Twitter/Facebook and would like to assist BG in expanding their presence and traffic. (Be honest, we've had several people attempt this and fail)


This thread is locked for a reason, please PM your mod application to Sonomaa. If you have any questions regarding the application process you may PM Sonomaa as well. Thank you for your consideration.

Transparency settings:
We will be accepting applications for 72 hours (which may be extended or cut short at any time). After the application process there will be a voting by the current mod staff, after the voting there will be an interview, after the interview there will be a probation, then comes cake and the ability to ban. The admins may veto any mod application without stating a reason. We reserve the right to add more to this if we feel inclined to.

Closed for now.