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    Looking for Linkshell and server with mostly U.S. players


    I am trying to look for a linkshell and/or server which needs to have a pretty big U.S. player population to play with.

    Time zones for play are not that important and mostly have an active linkshell ( any endgame content or events ongoing)

    2 friends and myself are seriously considering changing servers from where we are right now.

    Between us 3, we have a very wide of decently to very well geared jobs and are willing to commit to a server transfer and joining a ls if, and only if, there are equal oportunities to help out and obviously receive/lot/etc etc based on the work/determination shown by us to the ls that would receive us.

    Basically just looking for a more active server/linkshell to go to.

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    Although SCH and BRD are mentioned as the desirable roles, if you haven't given this listing a gander, you may as well now. There are some other jobs that aren't listed yet which may be desired, and you'll receive a response (and updates) to your application in short order, usually in the form of PMs on the forum (not BG).

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