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    E3 Press Interview Transcript Translations (6/10, 6/12)

    Here's a translated transcript of the first producer letter LIVE that took place at E3 (the one for English-speaking audiences with the English interpreter). It's probably the same as the info already out there, but it's a different translation of the original Japanese which was transcribed in a Game Watch article, so maybe there's something new, or it sheds a different light on something, or maybe you're just bored and feel like re-reading this info you already know.

    At any rate, they took the rogue/ninja details and turned that into a news story at the top here and for the rest of the interview they just did a straight transcription.


    Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida hosted a Producer Letter LIVE from E3, with Michael Christopher Koji Fox answering questions from overseas fans. Prior to the broadcast, a trailer was published titled "A Realm in Peril," which showed Ramuh, who will be implemented in patch 2.3, along with a glimpse of Shiva near the end of the trailer.

    Additionally, a new dual-wielding class, Rogue, and job, Ninja, were premiered in the broadcast. Rogue will be a DPS class which uses a blade in each hand and fights with poisons. Ninja will be a DPS class which adds the ability to use Ninjutsu. Both of these will be implemented in patch 2.4.

    A bunch of other new information was published, such as information about crafter studios in the basement of FC housing as well as more information about the fan events to be held in three locations around the world in October.


    In response to a request to unveil something important for E3, Yoshida introduced a video which showed the new class, Rogue, and new job, Ninja. The Rogue is a class based on Thief classes which fights with a dagger in each hand. Because their skills are learned at guilds in the cities, it was thought that the name "Thief" wouldn't really fit, so Rogue was chosen. Also, the back story will be that the group were once thieves, but no longer, so the "Rogue" name was chosen.

    The Rogue will be able to apply a variety of poisons to their weapons. You'll be able to use more than one poison and change the poison applied depending on the situation. There is also a skill called Stealth and certain skills that can only be used while in Stealth. Additionally, the base movement speed of this class will be faster than other classes, and fall damage will be reduced.

    In addition to the skills from Rogue, Ninja will fight with Ninjutsu. The use of Ninjutsu will vary depending on the battle and the Ninja job will need to focus on using their Ninjutsu and poisons to keep up their damage.

    In the videos that have been published, there is an ability where the character jumps up and stabs down with both daggers from above the enemy.


    Are there any plans to add a hug emote?
    There's quite a lot of demand for hugs. I personally want the slap emote, but we'd like to implement these both as soon as possible.

    Are there any difficulties with animating these?
    Since it's an FF game, I think there are some people who care a lot about the characters overlapping or intersecting each other. It would be difficult and take a long time to get this to look perfect, so we'd like to implement it without too much consideration for the graphics.

    Are there any plans to implement relics for gathering and crafting classes?
    In patch 2.3, there will be new items you can get from desynthesis. From these items, there will be new tools that crafters can use. Or did you mean you wanted glowing relics for crafters and gatherers?

    I want a frying pan that glows when I cook eggs. (laughs)
    And it'll shoot out huge flames (laughs).

    In the original FFXIV, Mor Dhona and Coerthas took up a lot of additional space, but they are much smaller areas now. Will you be able to go to other parts in the future?
    After the Meteor fall at at the end of 1.0, there are areas that are no longer accessible since Bahamut devoured the world. For example, in the Carteneau Flats battlefield for Frontline, you'll be able to see some of the devastation in other parts of Mor Dhona. For Coerthas, more information will show up as things move towards Ishgard in the future.

    In the last live letter, you talked about ultra difficulty content; can you provide some more details?
    I was referring to the addition of the brutal mode of the Second Coil of Bahamut. Usually when we develop new content, we start with extremely difficult conditions at first and then adjust the difficulty down, but here we're going for maximum difficulty. I'm not even sure if you'll be able to clear it. Since we're just implementing this as a test right now, the drops will be normal High Allagan. There will also be exclusive titles available, so please try it out if you have a group of eight who have already completed the Second Coil. If we get a lot more players challenging this than we expect, we may even prepare some exclusive rewards for it. It will be implemented in patch 2.3.

    Will you be adding any more high-difficulty FATEs like Behemoth or Odin in the future?
    In patch 2.3, we'll be adding the Monster Hunts as high-difficulty field content. We may add some more high difficulty FATEs in the future.

    Will you have any future content like Extreme versions of Ultima Weapon, Cape Westwind, or Livia?
    Isn't that up to the Wandering Minstrel? (laughs) Actually we've been looking into battles like this to enjoy at Fan Festivals, maybe something like fighting four of the Imperials at once. We've gotten a lot of request for different battles, so we want to look into it and make sure the timing of adding them is right so they don't just go to waste.

    When will you be adding individual player housing?
    We're hoping that you'll be able to buy individual player housing around 2.38. I don't think it'll be pushed back to 2.4, we're working on it as fast as we can.

    In the trailer you published, it looked like the primal Shiva was there.
    When we were making the E3 posters we figured we would show Ramuh from patch 2.3, but the US PR team said "no Ramuh," so we figured we'd show Shiva instead (laughs). The story of Shiva will be a lengthy one and will start gradually from patch 2.3. This will be a longer, serious story that leads into an expansion pack, so please pay attention to it.

    I have high expectations for this primal and I'm definitely looking forward to it.
    For FF games, Ifrit, Ramuh, and Shiva are primals that you definitely have to have, so we're glad we're finally getting them all in.

    Right now there are only the main scenario dungeons for a full party - are there any plans to add more in the future?
    We get a lot of different demands from all over the world. Some people want us to make dungeons for fewer people, some people want solo dungeons, and others want 8-man dungeons. For people who have a full party and are looking for a challenge, I hope that you try all of the primal battles. It's difficult to plan out all the gimmicks for 8 people. It's easier for four person dungeons, and if these mechanisms from four person dungeons work out well for solo, we'll start looking into doing 8 person ones.

    Will you be adding any content that Free Companies can participate in?
    Because there are a lot of FCs which are just a few good friends and others which have hundreds of members, it's hard for us to know what to do with content that can please both. We're looking into this right now, though, and trying to plan out what kinds of things that FC members can join together to accomplish. I think we'll be putting out some kind of announcement about this before patch 2.4, so it's not too far off.

    In the original FFXIV, weapons were able to increase the effects of certain actions; can you add attributes like this in the new FFXIV?
    We're not implementing things like that at the moment, but that's not to say we can't in the future. If we had something with a particularly good effect, everyone would use that weapon, and we would have to make adjustments to battle content under the assumption that a lot of people have that weapon. I know people are looking for changes, but the development team of new FFXIV is really focused on maintaining a good balance. That said, we will continue to consider this in the future.

    In the past, you talked about FCs being able to work on Airships, what's come of that so far?
    We previously talked about creating a workshop in the basement of FC housing where crafters could work together to build an airship, and we are making progress on this. The size in the workshop will be like a miniature version, and it will become full size when taken out to the field. Multiple crafters will need to join forces to create it. I will show more when we're ready.

    There was also talk about battling against primals in the field areas of Eorzea, and FCs being able to summon them.
    We're working on that. We're still trying to figure out how we can do this and integrate it with the story.

    What's going on with the marriage system?
    We're currently developing the system with which players can pledge their love to each other. You'll be able to do this regardless of race or gender. We're aiming for implementation in patch 2.4. Since there will be a mount that only two people who have stated their vows can ride, I hope you look forward to it.

    With Frontline being added soon, are there any plans for one-on-one duels?
    We don't intend to add content for this, I think the main reason people want duel content is just to see what their PvP DPS is.

    Are there any plans to add sound effects that are specific to the Zodiac weapons?
    With Novus weapons, the new feature is that you can move stats around. It will continue to change until the end as it becomes a Zodiac weapon like those used by the Zodiac Braves. Although it's a time consuming process, the end reward will justify it.

    Do you plan to have any other uses for Rowena Tokens in the future?
    It's possible we might make something else use it, so it might be good to hold onto them unless your inventory is really maxed out.

    I would like to keep my chocobo out while waiting for duty finder matches.
    I know there's a lot of desire to do this, but it's technically very difficult to achieve. We will perform an update for Duty Finder in each patch, but we need to do this carefully to make sure we don't break it.

    Right now you can only store one UI layout, but I would like to store multiple for each role.
    We understand the desire for this, but this is also difficult to complete. Since this is something the UI team is looking into, we can talk about the timing later on. I think it would be a good addition to the Armoury system.

    You'll probably talk about the expansion packs at the Fan Festivals, but can you tell us anything now?
    The Fan Festivals will be a ticketed event, and there will be some in-game items that you can get with your ticket. If I say anything else, the community team will yell at me (laughs).

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    You were cold as ice.

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    Many thanks Slycer. As I mentioned to you before in PM, I'ma start archiving all of your translations as well.

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    6/12 Translation (JP Interview)

    Mostly the same as what you'll find on the official forums, but since it's a transcript translation rather than a live translation, there may be some more detail here. I hadn't seen some of the stuff like private room sizes, some of the Frontline rules, a few of the more specific CT details, possibility of patch delay, etc.


    Show us a picture of Ramuh!
    [Showed screenshot of Ramuh primal battle]

    What are the basic rules of Frontline?
    It will be a team game. Rather than just defeating enemies, the goal will be to occupy territories on the battlefield. You will get points for defeating players on a rival team, but you'll get better scores by holding the positions. By staying in a neutral territory for a certain period of time (there are six in all), you will occupy the territory. When the battle ends, the team with the most points is declared the victor. Depending on the amount of time spent matching in Duty Finder, the number of participants will be adjusted automatically as 3 teams of 24 players, 3 teams of 16 players, or 3 teams of 8 players.

    Will you be able to enjoy Frontline even if you have no prior PvP experience?
    Because of the large number of participants, it's designed to be casual in terms of both the conditions of participation as well as the fairness of the parameters. It will be similar in nature to the relatively laid back Crystal Tower.

    Up to how many people can participate?
    It's possible this may change, but right now we're looking at up to 72 people in three teams of 24. We're doing final checks on the server load now. Participants will be divided into three groups, one for each grand company (Twin Adder, Maelstrom, Immortal Flames). The battle will take place on the Carteneau Flats, which was part of the area devastated during the Seventh Umbral Era five years ago.

    How long will each battle take?
    The games will last 30 minutes. Adventurers who are defeated in battle will restart from their grand company's outpost. You'll also be able to move across the battlefield on mounts.

    Are there any specific participation conditions?
    The only requirement is that adventurers are level 50. In Frontline, there will be a new concept of Item Level Sync implemented. For equipment above a certain item level, this mechanic will restrict various attributes. The upper limit on the item level sync for Frontline will be restricted to either 80 or 90 in the final adjustments. In large scale PvP, the morale attribute will have no effect.

    What will the rewards be?
    PvP EXP and Wolf Marks in common with the Wolves' Den. Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery will also be received for participating.

    Will there be monsters or NPC players also?
    Monsters will appear. Defeating them may have a slight effect on the outcome.

    Will the number of participants be restricted for each role?
    There will be no role limitations in Frontline. For example, it would be possible to have an alliance of all healers. You'll also be able to change your job when at the outpost. As a result, the delays in Duty Finder should be reduced.

    Will the Chocobo Raising system be totally separate from the Chocobo Companion?
    In addition to the other methods, you'll be able to raise a companion chocobo from this content.

    If your FC does not have a house, will it be possible to raise a companion?
    At the time of patch 2.3, you won't be able to raise a companion if you have no house. In future updates, we will provide some services related to raising chocobo companions near the chocobo shops in each city. By the way, you'll be able to enjoy raising chocobos even with small size houses.

    How do you raise a chocobo?
    First you'll need to set up the stable. After you drop off your companion there, it will grow, and you'll be able to raise them by feeding and training them. Members of the same FC will also be able to care for chocobo companions of their friends when they are logged out.

    Will you also be able to breed chocobos?
    You can just have one at the time of patch 2.3. In the future when we implement Gold XXX Chocobo XXX, you'll be able to increase the number of buddies and breed them. [XXX intentionally left out by Yoshida, although I think "Gold Saucer Chocobo Races" is the obvious reference] Chocobo training functions will continue to be expanded in the future.

    Will there be any benefits to training a companion that is already rank 10?
    When that companion is reborn in the stables, their rank will rise to 11. As you earn more points, you'll eventually be able to unlock all of the Chocobo abilities and roles.

    Will we be able to redo our skill selection for our companions?
    If you want to reset the skills your companion has learned, it'll be made possible in patch 2.3. It will take a certain item to reset, but it will be available to any adventurer whether they have a house or not. When you reset, all points used in learning skills will be returned.

    Will we be able to change the colors of chocobos?
    Functions to change the chocobo's color will be released in patch 2.35. By taking a certain action, the chocobo's color will change when their feathers molt. There will be a large variety of colors available, similar to dyes.

    Will there be a difference in the number of individual rooms that can be installed depending on the size of the house?
    There will be no difference in number. The sizes of the rooms are also all the same.

    What will be the price and conditions to unlock the individual rooms?
    The player will need to be a member of a FC which owns a house, as well as be Second Lieutenant or higher in their Grand Company. The price is still being finalized, but we're planning for one individual room to be about 300,000 gil.

    How much furniture will you be able to install in one individual room?
    I can't say yet because we're still adjusting it. That said, the count will be separate from the furniture installed in the FC housing, and the limit will be separate for each private room.

    How can you enter the rooms?
    A dedicated door will be added on the first floor of houses in patch 2.3, which will allow players to go to their individual rooms.

    Will all housing furnishings also be available for individual rooms?
    You can install any, including rare ones like the Garuda couches. Of course, you won't be able to use outdoor furnishings.

    Will the private room have windows?
    Because the location is on an extension of the first floor of the house, it will have a window.

    What's the size of the individual rooms?
    The wider direction will be about the same as the wall in a small house. You'll be able to enjoy a variety of layouts and arrangements with the size.

    If you leave a FC, what will happen to your private room?
    At the time of the release of patch 2.3., you will not be able to leave a FC before relinquishing your private room. In future updates, we plan that you'll give up the room at the same time as leaving the FC. You won't see the chat (say or shout) of your neighbors when in a private room, but you will be able to craft when in your room.

    Give us some details about the next part of Crystal Tower!
    The title of this next part is the "Syrcus Tower," where we delve into the interior of the tower.

    Will it be of a difficulty where players can leisurely enjoy it?
    The difficulty is set about the same level that the Labyrinth of the Ancients was last time, so you'll be able to casually enjoy it.

    Will you be able to pre-form an alliance of 24 people?
    That won't make it in time for now. It will be about a month after the initial implementation, planned for patch 2.35.

    Will the weekly restriction on lotting also be present in the Syrcus Tower?
    The lotting rules will be similar to those in the Labyrinth of the Ancients.

    What will be the item level of the rewards?
    As of right now, we're planning for them to be 100.

    What will be the average item level required to enter?
    Because we wait until the last minute to adjust this, please hold on a bit longer until we determine it.

    What will the drop rates of Sands and Oils of Time and Unidentified Allagan Tomestones be?
    At the time of patch 2.3, only one of these will drop and the other two will be added to the drop tables in future. We're planning for Unidentified Allagan Tomestones to be the one available in 2.3, and for now the drop rate will be set to about 30%.

    Will weapons or accessories be available rewards?
    In Syrcus Tower, you'll be able to get armor.

    Will there be elements in the tower where each party of the alliance separates and proceeds through the area in parallel?
    No, the parties will not disperse. The idea is that you all climb to the top of the tower together.

    Are there any plans in the future to open the Crystal Tower areas as normal areas rather than instanced zones?
    There are no plans for now.

    In the story of Crystal Tower, will the Warriors of Darkness appear?
    With the new scenario, a new character will appear.

    Will Gilgamesh appear in the Hildibrand quests this time?
    Gilgamesh showed up last time, this time will be his day off.

    Will there be any new battle content added for Hildibrand quests that players can casually enjoy?
    There are some elements that players should be able to enjoy together.... maybe.

    In the cutscenes already added, are there any plans to add additional sound?
    It's something we're considering, we might go back and add voices to Hildibrand and Nashu.

    Aside from the Hildibrand stuff, are there any other side stories planned?
    We'll actually be starting another side story quest line which starts with Moogle letters delivered to various people. You might learn some surprising things about NPCs you've already met. There have been some widespread rumors around the staff about "delivery workers."

    Will Yugiri's real face be shown in patch 2.3?
    It's still too early to show that.

    Are there plans for any additional scenarios around Hildibrand, such as those starring him as a child or his mother?
    We already have a backstory planned around Hildibrand's mother. We want to develop his story as much as possible, depending on the demand.

    Will there be any other storyline involving Hildibrand's father?
    Since he is a person who was one of the dignitaries of Ul'dah, he may appear in other future scenarios.

    In the main story of patch 2.2, Yugiri and Thancred kind of hinted at a new job.
    Yes, this was intended to be a stepping stone (to ninja and rogue).

    Will any other high-profile FF series characters like Gilgamesh appear in the future?
    Even for guest appearances, we want to make sure they match the world and make sense with the story.

    When you restart an instance after wiping, can you make it so the recast times of actions are reset?
    We are considering doing this but we don't think we can carry it out immediately.

    Are there plans to release an art book?
    We're currently planning for it by collecting and develping artwork, so please hang on for further news.

    What happens to your marriage if you use a Fantasia to change your gender after being married?
    Since you can marry people even if they are the same gender, it won't cause any particular problems. Even if you get a sex change, your love for each other isn't lost.

    Are you planning on relaxing the conditions so that you can more freely distribute bonus attributes?
    We're considering moving in a direction to reduce the cost of doing this.

    Please make end-game content for light parties!
    It's not that we aren't planning this, but nothing is on the immediate horizon. As we move through planning the 2.0 series, we do want to increase the variety of content.

    You mentioned that the growth element employed for desynthesis is kind of a see-saw system. Are there any secret books or anything to be added in the future that will allow you to train in multiple crafts?
    Perhaps at the time of the expansion pack release when we introduce new jobs or classes, we'll introduce mastery elements for this.

    Will recipes be added for accessories higher than item level 70?
    Yes, with forbidden materia melding possible. We'll be looking into this immediately after patch 2.3.

    Will any new FC or Grand Company ranks be added?
    Since the goal is to add this at the same time as the addition of content which has FC goals, it will take a little more time.

    Will new beast tribe daily quests be added in patch 2.3?
    The story of the Ixali group will appear in patch 2.35. Crafting will be the theme, so you may be tasked to go make an item in cooperation with the Ixali. Rather than having to develop a crafter, you'll be able to enjoy this on the spot. Once you finish all of the existing scenarios including the Ixali beast tribe, there will be some extra story that takes place.

    When will patch 2.3 take place?
    Right now it's scheduled for Tuesday, July 8. We're working as hard as we can on meeting the schedule, but there's a chance it may be changed. It's possible that it might get pushed out to Thursday, July 10, and there's a small chance it might wind up being the following week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slycer View Post
    When you restart an instance after wiping, can you make it so the recast times of actions are reset?
    We are considering doing this but we don't think we can carry it out immediately.
    This would be nice, but also nice would be if TP were reset as well. Tired of Sprinting and then immediately losing Sprint after a wipe. If you get raised, TP can stay at 0, that's fine.

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    I prefer the strategy called just dont wipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutriss View Post
    This would be nice, but also nice would be if TP were reset as well. Tired of Sprinting and then immediately losing Sprint after a wipe. If you get raised, TP can stay at 0, that's fine.
    That could be abused though. For instance, make a big pull then sprint to start, if DPS die they homepoint and keep going.

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    I'm tired of always the 'this could be abuse'

    Nothing is 100% perfect, w/e the decsion or change they do, it will always have a a good and a bad side

    Gotta deal with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaslo View Post
    That could be abused though. For instance, make a big pull then sprint to start, if DPS die they homepoint and keep going.
    Know how they put up walls behind the arena to prevent people from homepointing and rejoining the battle? Put one up at the start too. They already have one they use to encircle the party/alliance when everyone's loading into the dungeon.

    Shouldn't be able to make it back from the pull area to the home point in 15 seconds of sprinting, and if you can, then the dungeon hallway should be longer.

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