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    Was sent the codes, thank ya c:

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    Australian/New Zealand promo is live @ http://hanabee.com.au/pages/final-fantasy-xiv-promotion

    Spend $30 on anime related goods and get all 6 codes.

    From London: Fucking SE and the magazine promotion. It was incredibly annoying for me because I had to risk buying a very easy to open magazine that anyone can just take the slip out of, or take a photo of the slip, and reseal the magazine. My first of the three purchases was fine, because I was literally there when they put it on the shelf. My second one was annoying, as I was out of the country at the time and when I got back, only some places had the magazine left. Some were opened. I had to gamble with the one I picked. One more magazine to go but I am in the city/country this time so I won't miss it for sure.

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    Rest of europe is just buying from gamestop ;o

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