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Thread: Jumping Potion (OF Post)     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    People buy mounts for 35$, do you really think they're going to balk at 80$ for the ability to pass up grinding levels, even if it's only a few?

    Don't be silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahaudant View Post
    Back on the subject of the actual Jump Potion; I'll be buying at least 1 of them to insta-boost Samurai or Red Mage from 50 to 60 on release day. As far as I can tell this will be possible, right?
    Rumor has it they will not apply to ex-pac jobs :/

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    Makes sense. Watching some people pay to level the new jobs wouldn't be fair to those of us who refuse to pay to level the new jobs. It would cause undue pressure to people who enjoy leveling their jobs, but want to stay on the bleeding edge of content as well. We had our chance to level the old ones, so no problem there.

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