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    Rhodium ore question

    So I was reading on FFXIAH that you might be able to get Rhodium ore from grain seeds and so far I have not gotten any.

    Does anyone know how commmon it is to even get one? or are people doing reives and actually mining these things

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    Think I have gotten alot of these from the actual minin points in the garden (though I couldnt tell you what rank you need to be.) I dont harvest the various parts of the garden much anymore, but I saved alot of the ores I got when I was, and sent them to my mules to use when I actually leveled a craft later. I had several stacks of these from the garden, I am just not sure where exactly I got them from. Though I know i never planted grain seeds really so I doubt it was from the furrows (I am not sayin they dont come from there though, just that I didnt plant that particular seed).

    EDIT: Just saw this in a new post in the mog garden thread so there you are...

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    It would have to be above rank 5 on veins because I never get Rhodium Ores.

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    if the purpose is to make ingots for synthesis, rala skirmish is the way to go

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