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    This thread is going on over on reddit, might be more up to date of a download than the other one.

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    What kind of goodies have people gotten from the KC20 campaign? I've probably done 15 or so successful runs on both D and VD, and have gotten exactly two (2!) job cards. Otherwise it has been good money, I've gotten lots of Alex (including linen purses), Heavy Metal Plates (including pouches), Dynamis currency (including 100 pieces), HP Bayld pouches, various Skirmish upgrade stones, REM items of varying capacities, and some abjurations. So it doesn't seem to be a great source of cards but at least some money from them.

    I've mostly been doing Brothers in Fei'Yin, but I've also done Kindred in Zvahl(beware the SMN's Astral Flow), Antica in Sacrifical Chamber, and Sahagin in Den of Rancor. I did one run of Orcs but the drops were pretty garbage.

    If you don't have a job that can Sleepga, use AATT Trust, he seems to be able to land ES Sleepga II fairly consistently even on the Demons and Fomors.

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    So for each one 4 mobs will have 5 guaranteed slots and a potential extra slot. So for the ones with only 4 main mobs all of them have 5-6 drops. For the ones with 6 4 will have 5-6 and 2 will be 0-1. Slots 1-5 contain mostly the same stuff across the bcnms. Tales 1-5 (usually get 2-3 but have gotten as many as 5 and as few as 1), reisin stones/pouches, alluvion skirmish stones +2, various escha/reisin pops looks like mostly t1-2, some of the easy to get reforge items like cheap synth mat ones or abyssea drops, sacks of old skirmish stones, pluton/boulder/Beitetsu and the associated boxes or whatever for them, ancient currency singles and 100s, alex and purses, HM and HMP. Very rarely job cards.

    The extra slot is based on the zone. Some zones seem to also let a portion of the extra slot items or something related also appear in slots 1-5 but usually the lesser items. Like for the abj stuff I only saw the hexed gear in extra slot but saw the actual abj in regular slots as well.

    Known extra slot items by BC

    Divine Punishers II: Lenitive
    Dismemberment Brigade II : transitory
    Grimshell Shocktroopers II : foreboding
    Legion XI Comitatensis II: Supernal
    Brothers D'Aurphe II : Corvine

    Those are all abj and hexed and hexed -1

    Demolition Squad II: 119 relic upgrade slot ingredients ie delve boss drops and the job slot ingredients for 119 af upgrades though those could appear in 1-5 as well

    Kindred Spirits II: vagary stuff like etchings and the boss drop synth mats (probably just the stuff for 119 empyrean upgrades)

    Jungle Boogymen II: 119 relic slot upgrade items ie the vw synth mat drops and af job ingredient like Demo squad

    Amphibian Assault II: Haven't seen enough post droppings to tell really.

    Also found a bunch of stuff for the slot ingredient for 119 af in my invent so I'll have to go back thru my ss to see where I got those lol

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