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    re: mkc ragnarok what went wrong

    hi bg,

    someone hired a PI to contact me and there was a thread like a decade ago asking wtf i went but it's locked:

    I stopped ff'ing so I could transfer to a better school. i got into stanford by lying about my race and then worked at apple and eventually google as an engineering manager. yelling at interns was like yelling at people for not leveling subjob lul. people in ca are pussies and when you say you'll give them aids if they dont fix their shitty code, they cry. my manager tells me to tone down the racism and aids jokes. :E misogeny is still okay though

    dropping out of life for shitty tu'lia farming linkshells still holds true. except nowadays it's staring at your phone or reddit that's an awful boring waste.

    i still have horrible fucked up nightmares. usually im looking for a ddr machine or some shit.

    never got to fuck any of the mithras i liked except for one. shes my cumdumpster still.

    the internet used to be a cool hacker punk place (remember all the good ffxi times) but now it's an advertising and social influence trap for normal people. if you notice yourself feeling bad after reading internet stuff and wanting to buy crap off the internet, run away like it's a bad na ls.

    we can actually quantify how sick, sad, or scared a person is based on which stories they pause over--and predict which advertisement they should be fed to maximize ad returns.

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    i should really shut up
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    What is this, I don't even...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittycatrag View Post
    No one cares
    No one cares.

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