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    FFRK - Ballad of Memories (IX) Event & Strategies

    We've hit the bottom of the barrel it seems for new FF9 additions, but considering DeNa at least kept some humor with the Eiko/Marcus bug and they gave Marcus some solid SB's...it's not bad.

    "Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself." - Garnet
    "Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?" - Steiner
    "You're gonna come along, even if I refuse - right?" - Marcus

    Marcus is a skilled thief and actor. He is a kind-hearted, loyal friend who is always ready to help anyone in need. He proves to be a capable leader who is willing to set aside any differences to solve a problem.

    In his quest to obtain the "Supersoft" to save his friend Blank, Marcus runs into Steiner and Dagger on their return trip to Alexandria after the Cargo Ship and their passage through the night city, Treno.

    In Treno, the trio devise a plan to break into the item shop in order to steal the Supersoft but are caught by Dagger's former tutor, Dr. Tot.

    After Dr. Tot agrees to give them the Supersoft, Marcus decides to return to Alexandria with it so he can access the Evil Forest. Garnet and Steiner accompany him, as they are returning there as well. Upon arrival they are captured by Zorn and Thorn.

    Marcus and Steiner are held captive in a suspended cage in the dungeons of Alexandria Castle, but they escape by sending the cage crashing down by rocking it. Marcus leaves Steiner to rescue Garnet, and makes his way to the Evil Forest to cure Blank.

    The two return to Alexandria just in time to save Zidane, Garnet, and Vivi from Zorn and Thorn and help them escape.

    Event Start Date: December 7
    Event Bonus Battle: December 10
    Event End Date: December 17

    All information is taken from a mixture of Reddit/Spreadsheets/Kongpakbao Site and my own obviously expert analysis.

    Most info for the event comes from this site:

    Though the information provided is used as a guideline and not always taken directly from the thread. When necessary, additional thoughts on Cid Missions and battle strategies are added.

    Notable Rewards:
    Madain's Ring: Mind +15 and moderate ice resistance.

    New Characters Acquired:
    Marcus: Combat 4, Support 4, Celerity 4, Thief 5

    Dress Spheres Acquired:
    Gaia: Where Cancer comes in boxes!

    Old Characters Acquired:

    New Memory Crystals:
    Marcus MC1/MC2

    Old Memory Crystals
    Vivi MC1/MC2
    Steiner MC1/MC2
    Garnet MC1/MC2
    Eiko MC1/MC2

    New Record Materia:
    Marcus RM1: Deal slightly more physical damage with a dagger equipped.
    Marcus RM2: Deal a moderately more damage with a dagger equipped.
    Marcus RM3: Begin the fight with Haste, Atk/Def+10%.

    New Legend Materia
    • Garnet "Secret Identity" - Small Summoning damage up.
    • Garnet "Unwavering Princess" - When critical HP, enter Garnet Trance mode (medium MAG/MND up and quick cast for a period of time).
    • Eiko "Aspiring Lady" - Small White Magic healing up.
    • Eiko "Protection of Madain Sari" - When critical HP enter Eiko Trance mode (medium MAG/MND up and quick cast for a period of time)

    New Record Sphere
    Marcus: Dagger 3%, Thief 9%, Eiko Mote x30*

    *Eiko Motes are used in similar fashion to OK motes. They unlock a special node on Eiko's dive that give her a very slight boost to her HP and White Magic potency. It is meant to play off the bug in FF9 where Marcus and Eiko shared stat growths because they had the same character sheet.

    Cid Missions
    • Complete 'Cargo Ship (Elite)' with a party consisting of only FF9 synergy characters and include Vivi.
    • Complete 'Pandemonium (Elite)' with a party consisting of only FF9 synergy characters and include Garnet.
    • Complete '凶+ Administrator of the Soul Vessel' with a party consisting of only FF9 heroes.

    A little bit of a lost banner both in JP and here.

    FF6 is near, Superfest is (should be) around the corner, New Years pulls aren't out of the question, Onion Knight is nigh, and 3rd Anniversary isn't *too* far off.

    Nothing here is really amazing, but FF9 holds nostalgia for a lot of people so your favorites should be mostly covered here. Unless you're a fan of Freya...because she never gets any love.

    Also, you're probably drained after spending everything going for Agrias.

    Banner 1:

    We start out with Daggerton calling upon Ramuh once again for her USB. 7 hits of AoE lightning/non damage with the usual party sage Mag/Mnd boost and en-lightning. Ramuh also carries the "Auto-cast" mechanic from Braska's USB. Basically, Ramuh will cast a 2hit AoE lightning/non Summon hit on his own time - getting 4 hits in similar to how magicite's work. Her toggle BSB2 returns, as does her surprisingly utility Mag/Def + HP Stock SSB.

    Steiner has an odd mechanic for his USB that works in FF9 but not so much for FFRK. The entry is solid: 10x fire/ice/lightning ST damage with a self Res boost. The tick is that he auto-counters *friendly* fire/ice/thunder spell damage with the appropriate en-element. So the trade off here is swapping an ability slot on a mage to give Steiner en-element. His BSB2 and imperil-fire SSB are here as well.

    Vivi cracks into Terra damage levels with his USB. His USB is 10x ST fire/non damage, with a self Mag/Res buff, en-fire, and Doublecast Black (consume 2 ability uses to cast spell 2 times). Considering his LM, the damage this little guy can pump out with Meltdown is sinister. His BSB2 comes back with the rare Mag/Res party buff.

    Eiko's Crit Fix BSB rounds out the banner.

    Banner 2:

    Zidane pops into the USB game with a 10x random wind/non attack with imperil wind and EX Master Thief. For every Thief ability Zidane uses, he will follow it with a 1x ST non element hit that carries a chance at a minor imperil wind proc.

    His BSB2 is Zidane's final offering here.

    Marcus's BSB is the real prize here, honestly. A similar set-up to Vaan's BSB, except with wind/poison damage and no instant cast. His commands are stronger too, with Cmd1 being 2 hits of Thief Magic BD and Cmd2 the same but for Armor. His SSB is a less coveted wind/bio AoE pentabreak.

    Kuja and Steiner's OSB's are here, as are Kuja and Beatrix's BSB's, and Beatrix's MBlink SSB.

    Legend Materias:
    • Banner 1 - Garnet: Increase stat buff duration 30%.
    • Banner 1 - Eiko: Moderate chance to doublecast White Magic abilities.
    • Banner 1 - Vivi: 25% damage boost to Black Magic, but increase cast time.
    • Banner 2 - Zidane: 35% chance to double cast speed after using Thief abilities.
    • Banner 2 - Steiner: 20% chance to minor imperil-fire when using Spellblade abilities.
    • Banner 2 - Kuja: Begin the battle with en-dark.

    Relic Discussion

    Note: Removing the KBP link for now, as the event page hasn't been updated for a while now. Any objections?

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    Bonus Battles
    The Mist and the Clown Demon
    Mistodon x2
    HP: 35,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce a Mistodon's attack.
    • Reduce a Mistodon's magic.
    Weak: Holy
    Absorb: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: None

    HP: 80,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Meltigemini's magic.
    • Reduce Meltigemini's defense.
    Weak: Fire, Holy
    Absorb: None
    Resist: Dark
    Null: None
    Status Vulnerabilities: Blind, Sap

    Notes: The Mistodon's have a potent (for the difficulty level) AoE dark magic attack that can put you to sleep, but otherwise are easy with their low HP.

    Meltigemini will begin the fight with an AoE sap, and can use both physical and magical hits.

    Palace of Virtue ++
    Valia Pira
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Valia Pira's magic.
    • Reduce Valia Pira's defense.
    • Afflict Valia Pira with slow.
    Weak: Wind (w/ at least 1 FFIX character)
    Absorbs: None
    Null: Earth
    Vulnerabilities: Slow, Blind, Sap

    Notes:Token physical hit, so you can focus on magic mitigation here.

    Valia Pira will have lowered stats across the board based on the amount of FF9 heroes you bring to the fight. Try to bring at least one to add the wind weakness - and it removes Holy and Flare from the movepool.

    Holy Cause +++
    HP: 200,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Ark's attack.
    • Reduce Ark's defense.
    • Exploit Ark's weakness to wind attacks.
    Weak: Wind
    Absorbs: None
    Null: Earth
    Vulnerabilities: Silence, Slow

    Notes: Fight isn't different from before. 100% physical, prepare for confuse and HP=1 shenanigans. Kill quickly.

    Ultimate + Apocalypse Battles
    Weakness is Strength
    HP: 260,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Taharka's magic.
    • Reduce Taharka's attack.
    • Exploit Taharka's weakness to fire attacks. .
    Weak: Fire, Wind
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: Ice
    Null: Earth
    Vulnerabilities: None

    Notes: Another fight we've seen before.

    He can use both magic and physical hits, but they are tied to his form. Regular = magic ice, Flat = physical. He has a 25% each turn to chance forms.

    Frontload the magical mitigation, because he starts out in regular form.

    Administrator of the Soul Vessel ++ (U)
    HP: 310,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Garland's attack.
    • Reduce Garland's defense.
    • Reduce Garland's magic.
    Weak: None
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: None
    Vulnerabilities: None

    (Default only) Psychokinesis (NAT: ST 150% ranged physical)
    (Default only) Flare (BLK: ST 650% magical non-element)

    Shockwave (NAT: FRAOE 112% ranged physical)
    Shockwave (NAT: FRAOE 159% ranged physical)
    Flare (BLK: ST 570% magical non-element)
    Stop (BLK: BRST 48% chance to Stop)
    凶 Psychokinesis (NAT: ST 150% piercing0.5 ranged physical)

    (Weak/V Weak only) 凶 Shockwave (NAT: AOE 100% ranged physical, Dispel)

    Notes and Strategies: Garland's stop will hit back row characters. Due to the nature of his physical hits being ranged, you can front row them to avoid it entirely.

    The only magical damaging attack he has is Flare, but it can be reflected or runic'ed. If you can heal with Reflect up, its not the worst idea to use Carbuncle - though Runic/GC is a much smarter option.

    凶 Shockwave is used when Garland hits 40%, so prep yourself for the dispel.

    Cid Mission: RW a Runic or GC. You could potentially even do a Magic Lure/Reflect strat with Steiner (and drain strike) and then have the rest of your team handle it.

    No multiple targets to worry about, so Quina is fine as support. Focus on the physical mitigation as the magic dangers can be ignored through said reflect/runic/GC.

    Incarnation of Death (Apoc + and Jumpstart)
    HP: 480,000
    Target Score:
    • Reduce Deathguise's attack.
    • Reduce Deathguise's magic.
    • Reduce Deathguise's defense.
    Weak: Ice, Thunder
    Absorbs: None
    Resist: None
    Null: Earth
    Vulnerabilities: None

    (Default+Open only) Attack (PHY: ST 110% physical)
    (Default+Open only) Meteor (BLK: AOE 303% chance to deal 40% current HP damage)

    (Open only) 凶 Demon Claw (NAT: ST 332% piercing0.5 physical)
    (Open only) 凶 Demon Claw (NAT: ST 370% piercing0.5 physical)
    (Open only) Spin (NAT: FRAOE 3000 damage)
    (Open only) Close (NAT: Close wings)

    (Weak+Open only) 凶 Demon Claw (NAT: ST 350% piercing0.5 physical)

    (Closed only) 凶 Death (BLK: BRST auto-hit Instant KO, ignores Reflect)
    (Closed only) Twister (NAT: AOE 400% piercing0.5 magical wind, 33% chance to Sap)
    (Closed only) Open (NAT: Open wings)

    Notes: No need for pro/shell/wall. Everything is gravity based or pierces.

    Deathguise begins the fight with a gravity Meteor, so KO accessories are handy if you don't want to waste your Dr. Mog's medica right away.

    With his wings closed, it does have an auto-hit Death move targeting back row characters. May want to move your healer to the front row for this fight. Though while on the front row, you do have to deal with Spin on turn 5 for a fixed AoE 3k damage. 3k is better than auto hit death though. His wings will close after using Spin.

    On the 2nd turn after closing his wings (and using Death on turn 1), you'll see Twister which can be magic blinked. It's also the only magic based attacks in the fight, so if you time the blink right you don't need magic BD.

    Jump Start Notes: No changes from the previous fight.

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    You can remove that line about KBP on your 1st post. Guy who runs it is no longer going to translate that info. Plus it gets digested by the data miners on /r/FinalFantasyRecordKeeper that by the time the JPN event hits Global, we know what's happening.

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    I could have bought an 11 pull and have 1000 gems left over, but all I got was this silly title.

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    And a word about Vivi USB & LMR interactions. Unless you're running with some quickcharge via SB or Allegro, Vivi may burn some precious USB time casting. His USB is probably one of the best raw damage BLM EX modes - Stealing it from Shantotto & Edea who use Witch schools instead. Nabbing both may make you think twice about what LMs to slot Vivi. You would get extra versatility when it comes to Non-elemental and casting Flare. And you're probably not going to cap unless you're running LMR.

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