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    dynamis D wave 2 Sandy boss Q

    I am learning how to deal with tanking this fight, we are doing a hate swap 2 tank method healer/caster/support up top on bridge. mele and tank down below.

    Standard right now is to stay at 20'ish range and build secondary hate and swap when hate swaps. I'm just curious why a tank would not stand behind the boss at mele range and just rotate the boss if hate resets.

    Anyone who has extensive dynamis D sandy wave 2 boss knowledge is the hate reset a single target move? or an AOE short range. If so any idea what the range is?

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    As I recall it is conal, regardless we fight it at the mog house. Both tanks hitting it and keeping hate up. Tanked in corner near tree.
    I would suggest keeping both tanks in range because the last thing you want is the mob running into your mages and doing an AoE. No idea what the bridge method is but moving it away from where it spawns takes time away from wave 3. If I remember correctly we go slowly down to 51% then zerg it down

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