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    Dual sim question

    Quick question on current dual sim card phones like the IPhone 11. You have to tell the phone which sim is active, they both don't run at the same time, correct?

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    Highly depends on the phone. Earlier models often could only use UMTS/LTE for the primary card, the secondary could only be used for calls. But even those were booked in on both cards at the same time.
    Nowadays (usually) both cards can run with data connectivity and you can set a "primary" card that is preferred. The dialer app for calls usually lets you select which card to use.

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    Quick note that the iPhone 11 (and also XS XR series, not sure if 7/8/X had dual sim) uses eSim as the secondary sim (so the phone is still a single slot sim phone), make sure your provider supports that first!

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    As was said by others, depends on phone. I've been using Dual Sim for a few years and I swap phones a bit. All have been Android based though.

    They are kinda active, as in that it listens on both cards at the same time for texts and calls etc. But an artifact of this, if you have an ongoing call, it won't get texts or data via the xG network until you hang up.
    I have to set primary for datatraffic, and can set it to always ask for calls/texts (and I can choose when I call or text which sim card to use)

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