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    Apps you can delete/disable on new Samsung phone.

    I was gifted a Samsung smartphone a while back. It's not one of their 1k+ ones or anything but it's still really good. The phone I had before was just a basic one for communication because that's all I felt like I needed. Next year I found out it is not going to be supported anymore so I was looking for a new one. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my Mom and surprise! she got me this one. It's not that I don't like it but it's been a real learning curve because I have never owned a smartphone before. Anyway, I have gotten it all setup like I want it now but I'm not sure which apps I can safely disable or just get rid of.

    I will just list all the apps I don't know about.

    Spoiler: show
    Bixby voice wake up
    Always on display
    Android Accessibility Suite
    ANT Radio Service
    ANT+ Plugins Service
    AR Emoji
    Autofill with Samsung Pass
    Bixby Home
    Bixby Routines
    Bixby Service
    Bixby Vision
    Bixby Voice
    Device care
    Device Health Services
    Drive (Google app?)
    Game Booster
    Game Launcher
    Game Optimizing Service
    Google Play Movies & TV
    Google Play Music
    Google Play services
    Google Play Services for AR
    Kids Home
    My Verizon
    One UI Home
    Samsung account storage
    Samsung Checkout
    Samsung Experience Service
    Samsung Health
    Samsung Members
    Samsung Notes
    Samsung Pass
    Samsung Pass Provider
    Samsung Pay
    Samsung Pay Framework
    Samsung Time Zone Data
    Select background music
    SIM toolkit

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    Bixby can be disabled or at least the button that triggers it. It will quickly become the bane of the phone's existence. Samsung phones have two separate update paths where apps connected to Google Play will update (Verizon will add bloatware with this method) & Samsung's own apps will update through their own portal. Expect to have a lot of stupid notifications.

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    I have already. I asked the Verizon guy who helped me set up my account the same question but all he showed me how to do was go to the Settings and where the apps were. He acted like all the Samsung stuff was necessary for the operation of the phone and told me not to touch anything. >.> I have done some searches and discovered what you can disable (like Bixby) but they others on that list I'm not sure about. There are bloatware lists of phones that have some of the same apps in common with this phone but I haven't found one specifically for this one. It's a Samsung A50 btw.

    If anyone out there has this phone and knows what you can delete it would be greatly appreciated.

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