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    Kingpin: Reloaded (PC/PS4/XB1/NSW) - 2020

    In a stylized noir art deco gangland that never was, the Kingpin rules above all else with a bloody fist. When his lieutenant Nikki Blanco leaves a no-name Thug battered and broken, the upstart criminal rises from a puddle of blood, lead pipe in hand and revenge in mind.

    Kingpin: Reloaded brings new life to the Quake II engine classic. 4K resolution, ultrawide support, and improved graphics in Enhanced mode enable the beautifully-depicted metropolitan nightmare shine. Controller support makes the game more accessible for anyone who wants to explore the depths of Kingpin’s depravity. Overall improvements like new quest and conversation systems make Reloaded even better than the original.

    Stalk lamp-lit streets and take down rival gangs to let the Kingpin know his end is nigh. Kingpin’s immersive sim elements allow the Thug to recruit other gangsters with a conversation system. Increase the Thug’s influence through multiple hub-based missions. Run with the gang on a violent warpath with upgradeable weapons including Tommy guns, bazookas, and more. Location-based damage leads to bloody, thrilling battles: kneecap, maim, or go for the head.

    If that sounds too extreme, try No Violence mode. However, the “colorful” language proudly used by Kingpin’s gangsters remains. Lean even further into that era and start fragging in Gang Bang mode’s old-school multiplayer.

    Key Features

    Kingpin: Reloaded includes a range of new features:

    • Re-balanced and polished gameplay.

    • New quest system.

    • Ultrawide and 4K support.

    • Classic and Enhanced modes.

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    I trusted Zet and this is what happened
    Eleven owes me $40 bucks

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    I wanted this kingpin:

    Spoiler: show

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