Developed by Beach House Pictures (Hiccup & Sneeze/Kooki’s Crafty Show) and Blue Ant Studios
Spoiler: show
Blue Ant Studios-owned prodco Beach House Pictures has partnered with California-based JumpStart Games to develop the first Neopets animated series, based on the family-friendly virtual pet brand (pictured). As part of the agreement, Singapore-based Beach House will develop new stories and characters, with Blue Ant’s Canadian studio providing animation services.

The show is still in the early stages of development and its format and style aren’t finalized, but Beach House plans to target the series at eight to 12s. The pair are seeking co-production and broadcast partners for the project.

“The property is popular across age targets and since the ’90s its fans have identified it as a fun and safe space, and we want to bring that to a new generation of kids,” says Beach House Pictures’ creative director Donovan Chan. “It’s rare to come across a property with global reach, which has a great historical DNA, but is also a blank slate for creatives because it doesn’t already have a series.”