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    Wireless gaming mouse

    I've been using the Naga Epic Chroma for while now and I really like it, only with the quarantine I've been finding it's a little less ergonomic then I'd like for all day use.

    I've been looking around, but seems like there are hardly any other 12 button style mouse that isn't wired though. Are there any good other options out there? Never heard of Reddragon or UtechSmart before - I thought for sure Logitech or Corsair or something would have a wireless option but apparently not.

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    Redragon is a deceptively good brand, their software isn't the best but the hardware is perfectly serviceable and every redragon mouse I've ever owned has lasted longer than my razer ones.

    Would stay away from Corsair mice even if they did have a wireless MMO option. They're notorious for their build quality being shoddy, especially the wheel. I personally had to RMA two Ironclaws because the mouse wheel straight up broke from light use, which as I came to find out is a common failure.

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    I cannot comment as to the build quality for Redragon's mouse, but I am typing this on one of their keyboards now. So, I can second their brand's overall build quality being good.

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