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    New Predator Film

    20th Century Studios has engaged 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg to direct the fifth installment in the Predator series. The script is being written by Patrick Aison, whose producer-writer credits include the series Kingdom, Jack Ryan and Treadstone.

    They are keeping the plot line under wraps for the moment, but I’m told it won’t swing back to the developments in the most recent film. Fox made its last entry in the 2018 thriller The Predator.

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    History suggests this one will be good, or at least not total garbage.

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    1 > 2 > rest

    Damn, a shit director, why not get McTiernan? Stan is rolling in his grave.

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    The most recent one was so, so bad. Easily the worst film I've watched in theaters in the last decade. Olivia Munn's acting was the highlight, that is how bad the rest of the cast was.

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