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    NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection (PC/PS5/XSX/PS4/XB1/NSW) - Reboot Collection - June 10, 2021

    Packages the classic game NINJA GAIDEN Sigma alongside beloved titles NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge - with most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes in one thrilling collection.

    Three extremely high-speed and intense ninja action games are now available in one package!

    Enjoy three games from the NINJA GAIDEN series in this single collection. The nostalgic yet timeless high-speed action of the series unfolds on the latest hardware, so look forward to heated battles with fearsome opponents!

    In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, the 4 female characters Ayane, Rachel, Momiji, and Kasumi are also playable. Pair up favorite characters, and switch between characters during battles.

    * The heroines included in this title are the same as the original versions. In addition, the characters that are playable and scenes (modes) vary for each title.

    Most of the previously released game modes and DLC costumes for each title are included in this thrilling collection. In addition to Ryu Hayabusa, each of the other characters also have many different costumes to choose from, allowing for action-packed battles in outfits of your choice.

    ** Online multiplayer is not available for the "TAG MISSIONS" in NINJA GAIDEN Σ2.

    ** The "Clan Battle" for "Shadows of the World" in NINJA GAIDEN 3 Razor's Edge is not included. Online multiplayer is not available for "Ninja Trials".

    ** "NINJA GAIDEN Σ2" and "NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge" are available in Traditional Chinese.

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    They sure took their sweet time for this, was wanting it a few years back when I was playing the Sigma+ versions on Vita. Should note the PS5/XSX is via backwards compatibility. Hopefully Sigma 2 takes some notes from the Plus version and it's not just a straight port of the PS3 release with the purple mist crap.

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    As much as I'm excited for this, I hope they're doing more than just putting them altogether into a single package. The older titles could use a resolution and some functionality upgrades.

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