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    /follow help

    i'm trying to make it so all my alts follow the character i'm currently playing as
    so i created a .txt file

    Spoiler: show
    input //send @others input follow latravant

    i have the file saved as followlat.txt

    i made an alias in my init.txt file

    Spoiler: show
    alias folllat exec followlat

    but nothing happens when i type folllat

    but me typing this in game works:

    Spoiler: show
    //send @others follow latravant

    what am i doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latravant View Post
    what am i doing wrong?
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    Why aren't you just using followme or fastfollow?

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    Probably needs a /console in some places. Probably /console send instead of //send, and if you're calling this from a macro, it should be /console whatever instead of //whatever. Haven't played in a while tho so may be wrong.

    Also, shouldn't

    input //send @others input follow latravant

    input //send @others follow latravant

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    a p. sweet dude
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    If you're doing /input the text afterwards needs to be identical to what you'd type into the client to follow someone.

    In other words, you need it to be //send @others input /follow latravant

    There's also really no need to be using a text file/exec for this. You can just alias it as:

    alias follat send @others input /follow latravant

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    If only there were a //send @all function

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